The Price Democrats Will Pay for their Unreasoning Hatred

In some ways, at least according to Democrats, their party is in a strong position. President Trump is in a lose-lose with the border wall dispute. Either he caves in, providing a total victory for Democrats and destroying the President’s credibility with his base; or he doubles down in which case we’re in for a long siege with the government shutdown, because Democrats will never bend.

Democrats have everything to gain by not bending because their base–their entire party–cares about nothing but destroying President Trump. Theirs is a movement of pure hatred. What they fail to see: Hatred is not a lasting motive. Hatred cannot sustain a person or a movement. President Trump will not be around forever. Best case (from a pro-Trump point-of-view)? His political career is done in six years. What then for Democrats, when they no longer have him to push around? If they succeed in impeaching or even jailing him, as they claim they will be, then “what then?” comes even sooner.

The irrationality and ultimately self-defeating nature of unreasoning hatred manifests itself in what has become of the Democrat Party. The elders of the leftist movement are fixated on obstructing and destroying the President. Nothing else matters. If they had shown even 5 percent of this resolve when it came to — let’s say, destroying ISIS — then ISIS would have been diminished back when Obama was in the White House.

While the party elders fixate on destroying President Trump — since that’s all their supporters seem to want — the truly crazy loons in the party have risen to the surface. Reason and rationality are no longer even superficially on the side of the Democrats. The price of destroying President Trump — if they can even do it — will be high for the Democrats. Because they are now the party of 90 percent tax rates, unlimited government welfare, unlimited socialized medicine, total control of education, unlimited spending on illegal immigrants making the United States the welfare state for the entire world. And it’s not just “welfare”. It’s free college, free medical care, free everything for everyone as far as the eye can see. It’s socialism on a scale and with a price tag that Karl Marx himself never dared envision. THESE are the policies and principles of the Democratic Party that they must attempt to implement — once they succeed at destroying President Trump, assuming they can even do it.

And keep in mind: If the Democrats do destroy President Trump, they will face an angry mob of deplorables and others — probably even a few former Democrats — who are outraged by the totalitarianism and injustice of it all. It’s not going to be easy or pretty for Democrats, because their hatred of President Trump is an expression of hatred for any and all who disagree with them. Those of us who have encountered Democrats in our daily lives know that’s the mentality of that movement. It’s all hatred.

Democrats are a smug but also incredibly naive bunch. Who else could be swayed by socialism and Communism in the first place?

They’re happy now. But down the road? Don’t be so sure. Because the Trump years have taught us one important lesson. Dissenting opinions — like guns in the hands of civilized people — are not going away.

Democrats will have a hell of a battle on their hands when (and if) they finally get to impose their warped version of Utopia on the citizens of a still great and thriving nation, with many great and beautiful people in it. Remember this, because it may become more relevant than you think a lot sooner than you wish to believe.


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