Ranting anti-Trump Blockheads

This ranting blockhead calls Trump’s rhetoric “racist and violent”. The “violent” part intrigues me. Does this mean she — and her fellow leftist-Communist-progressives — view differing opinions on tax cuts, military strategy, border protection and government regulation as “violent”? It seems so.

This is why I keep saying today’s Democrats are eyeing totalitarian dictatorship. Their premises make it inevitable.

You cannot view opposing positions on matters not involving violence (taxes, border wall) as “acts of violence” unless, at some point, you intend to do violence against those who disagree with you. Such violence might include jailing, harassing or even murdering. Every dictatorship in history has done it.

It’s not enough for such people to make the case FOR open borders and international wealth redistribution through socialism — because there’s no rational case for these policies. We’d all end up like the countries the immigrants are fleeing.

So all they have left is, “Disagree with me, and I will call you racist. I will call you violent. And this justifies whatever I do next.” Ignorant, even comical stuff. But frightening too, at least if half of our fellow citizens fall for it.


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