Why Leftists Use “Racism” to Quiet All Disagreement

Anyone who’s NOT a leftist Democrat has been called a racist. If you want lower taxes, you’re a racist. But lower taxes are for all races, not just one. If you want capitalism over socialism, you’re a racist. But blacks or anyone of any other race who makes a million or billion dollars under capitalism gets to keep it. True racists would not want this.

What’s the implication here? That “people of color” cannot succeed or achieve? And therefore they need socialism? No other implication could be made from the constant, hysterical shrieking by leftists that anyone who opposes their socialist ideology is, by definition, a racist.

Why are leftists never taken to task for their implicit racism? There’s no evidence of racism whatsoever in people who want economic freedom and individual rights for all. Protection under the First and Second Amendment applies equally to all. A racist would want protection for some racial groups, and not others. It makes no sense to call people who want firm and consistent protection under the Bill of Rights — equally for all — to be a racist. Yet the hysteria continues.

The leftist rage and hysteria is so unrelenting, and so self-evidently irrational, that we’re forced to turn to psychology to understand it. The main psychological issue has to be projection. Projection refers to the fact of having an unhealthy fixation on an issue or a flaw. Racism charges involve fixation on a flaw. Perhaps leftists are so concerned with their own possible or actual racism, that they’re quick to see it in others, even without evidence.

Consider that in psychological terms, socialism essentially means having given up. It’s an ideology for those who have given up on hope for achievement, success or ever-rising prosperity. If you’ve given up on these things, or do not believe they’re possible despite their achievement in the United States for much of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries (before the US moved in a socialist direction), then it makes sense you’d settle for a system where everyone is guaranteed an equal amount. A tiny, paltry amount, but at least it’s equal, right?

But so many socialists and elites in America are rich. How do you explain that? Guilt combined with projection. Because they’re socialists, they’ve given up on the idea that achievement is possible, especially for “people of color”. It can’t happen, they feel. But they’re wealthy themselves. So they must feel like they’re unfairly lucky. They don’t want to give up their wealth, of course. You don’t see any of them voluntarily handing it over to charity or the government, something they’re entirely free to do. Instead, they want to impose on everyone a one-size-fits-all income which they fantasize can be funded by people like them, perhaps painlessly. It soothes their guilt.

Where do charges of racism come in? The socialist has given up on the possibility of achievement. So the only thing left is to turn oneself into a victim. For people of color who become socialists, their attitude is, “You white people have all this wealth by luck. It’s unfair, and you have to be made to share it.” The unspoken premise is that, “I, a person of color, never can or will achieve.” Nobody challenges this premise, of course, because challenging anything such a person says will get you called a racist. But then again, so does challenging anything that a leftist does not wish you to challenge.

In a nutshell, when leftists hysterically shriek that you’re a “racist” for disagreeing with them about absolutely anything, they’re confessing their own subconscious concern with their own actual or alleged racism. In a sense they’re right, because by asserting the supremacy of socialism over capitalism — despite their own wealth, in many cases –they’re implying that the people of color who do not have lots of money are incapable of earning it in an economically free society, especially if we deregulated and “untaxed” America to a point that we’d really, truly have a free market again. If you think about it, THAT’s the real unfairness. People of color (as a group) never had a chance to experience complete economic freedom — which is what capitalism is — the way white people did. Today, capitalism is so badly hampered and undermined by government regulation, manipulation and taxation that people struggling paycheck to paycheck have less of a chance than they otherwise would in a fully free market, where there would be more jobs and wealth for all. And the socialist Democrats unconditionally welcoming today’s immigrants do not want them to succeed, achieve or become rich. They want them on the government rolls, so they may be ruled.

The irrationality of today’s political discourse is beyond disconcerting. But one thing is sure. Leftists, in their hysteria, unreasoned rage and unrelenting use of the charge “racism” to quiet any disagreement or dissension of any kind, have backed themselves into a corner. Nobody with even a tiny mind will listen to them. They’re out of control and they have lost their minds. Whatever the future holds for America, it will not involve respect for the leftists. If a majority of Americans give them the complete power they so crave, it will be an act of national suicide. I truly hope America does not commit suicide.

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