“Money For Nothing” Destroys the Best Within Human Beings

Two Democrats in the U.S. Senate (Cory Booker, Kamala Harris) – both said to be eyeing the party’s 2020 presidential nomination — recently announced so-called “basic income” plans for America’s lower-income families (says Fox News). A liberal publication, meanwhile, says neither plan goes far enough to aid families, and the government should instead just start “writing them checks.” But the Heritage Foundation argues that such plans tend to fail, in part because they tend to remove the incentive for work.

Do “money for nothing” plans work? If your goals are individual rights, independence, self-reliance, personal responsibility or fiscal solvency — of course not.

But if your goals are just the opposite, then “money for nothing” plans work just fine.

It’s time to stop being naive. These socialists in Congress like Kamala Harris (D-CA) and Cory Booker (D-NJ), eyeing the White House as their ultimate prize, don’t care about the Constitution, the individual’s well-being or anything else. They care about votes and power. They care about virtue-signaling, looking morally supreme in their intellectual and political echo chambers of Manhattan, D.C., San Francisco and all the rest.

It’s time for Republicans and well-meaning independents and “centrists” to accept and understand: Socialists and Democrats are not on the side of reason, rights or responsibility. They are not the good guys. They are on the side of power. And few things prove it like their unfolding quest to impose “money for nothing” on two sets of victims: (1) Those who will be forced to pay for it, and (2) those who will be forced to lower themselves to permanent and irreversible government dependence.

It’s sick. It’s unhealthy. It’s toxic. It’s morally wrong. And it’s fiscally untenable as well as unsustainable. Everything that’s wrong about “money for nothing”, now sought after by Democrats preening before an adoring and uncritical media and academia, is the SAME thing that’s wrong with socialized medicine, “Medicare for all”, progressive income taxes, and any other form of wealth redistribution.

Socialistic and communistic schemes kill societies for a reason. Societies are made up of individuals. Individuals suffer at the hands of these schemes, no matter how they’re packaged or successfully sold to an unthinking population.

Generations ago, in America, there was an expression: “You can’t get something for nothing.” It’s really true. EVERYTHING comes at a price. The freebies that Kamala Harris and Cory Booker stand ready to hand out — calling you racist if you dare question them — come at the price of everything that’s rational, good, decent and self-reliant about a society and the individuals who comprise it.

Money for nothing will come at the price of civilization itself. By the time foolish Americans who presently support it will realize this, it will sadly be too late.


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