Why President Trump’s Supporters LOVE Him

Anti-Trumpers don’t understand the value President Trump holds for the people who support him.

The main reason most of us support him is his willingness to stand up to the media.

It’s not just “the media”; it’s what the media represents.

The media represents arrogance, hostility to dissenting opinion, narrow-mindedness, irrationality, socialism, virtue-signaling and political correctness.

Rational, independent and liberty-loving people HATE these things, and with good reason. President Trump is willing to stand up to them. He truly doesn’t care what the media and its elite, wrong and irrational representatives think about him.

The core issue here is not ideological or political — it’s psychological. The media are the smiling, soft-spoken bullies. That’s the worst kind of bully, the bully pretending to be everyone’s friend while actually taking very definite positions and sides on every imaginable issue. They spew propaganda masked as objectivity. Given how important objectivity is to man’s mind and the survival of civilization as we know it, media elites are the worst kind of fraud. Media bullies are treacherous traitors to the principles of objectivity, reason and justice. There’s nothing remotely intellectually honest about what any of them say, think or do. President Trump knows this. He calls them on it daily and repeatedly. Explicitly and relentlessly, he lets them get away with NOTHING. When they try all the manipulative and guilt-inducing tricks that worked with the poor hapless Bushes, Romneys and McCains, President Trump simply doubles down and then triples down. Those of us who approve LOVE it more than we can ever express.

Leftists have no way of comprehending how much this means to those of us who detest the media for its lack of honesty, grace and dignity. President Trump is showing them who they really are. It makes them wild with rage and outrage. And that’s the proof he has so correctly hit a nerve.

That’s a rare value in American society, and in the White House it’s truly unprecedented.

The closest we ever came to this in my lifetime was President Reagan, back in the 1980s. Reagan had untold charm, and he was able to do what President Trump accomplishes with a joke and a smile, most of the time. But those were different times. We thought they were rough times back then, but they were like a 1950s family sitcom compared to the harsh, nasty, rude and downright intellectually savage climate created by the leftists who now completely dominate media and culture, with rare exception.

It took a ferocious, growling tiger, even beyond Ronald Reagan, to stand up to these sycophants and twits who parade themselves as having the final, correct answer on everything … and who are dead wrong about virtually everything.

I so appreciate and value President Trump for what he’s doing to the media that I already miss him. And he’s just getting started.


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