Reason # 1,678 Never to Listen to Celebrity Opinions (Especially Barbara Streisand)

Barbra Streisand [according to Fox News] said democracy is “being assaulted” and bashed women who voted for President Trump, saying they “don’t believe enough in their own thoughts” to vote against their husbands.

Wow. The ignorance and prejudice in leftist opinion is simply overwhelming.

Streisand assumes there’s a specifically female way of thinking. It’s genetically inevitable, according to her premise, that a woman will be a leftist and a Democrat. Therefore, she concludes, the only conceivable reason for a woman to vote for a Republican/Donald Trump will be a refusal to go against their husbands.

So does this mean there are no men who vote for Democrats? Or if there are, that these men don’t think for themselves, either? Couldn’t we accuse men who don’t vote for Democrats of “refusing to believe their own thoughts” and instead going with their wives?

It’s ludicrous. It’s irrational, even on its own terms. It’s sexist by the true definition of the term, which is to imply that biology determines characters, thoughts, choices, ideas and opinions.

If a celebrity male came out and criticized men who voted for Hillary Clinton as refusing to grow a pair and listen to their own thoughts, he would certainly be pulverized in the media and — if hard core leftists like Streisand had her way — probably would be prosecuted for hate speech.

We live in irrational times. The proof of this fact? That Barbara Streisand’s silly and stupid opinions even make the headlines.


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