It All Comes Down to Voter Turnout

A recent analysis shows that “blue states” (Democratic) are more politically engaged than “red states” (Republican).

The joke is that Democrats don’t have lives or jobs, which is why they turn out in greater numbers to vote. Of course, the truth is different, because while there may be more Democrats who don’t work than Republicans or independents, the real factor has to do with how important government is to a person.

To a Democrat, government is hugely important. It’s almost like God, or like a religion. It’s no accident that Democrats are less likely to be religiously engaged than Republicans. The Democratic philosophy is a religion of society. It soothes people with this point-of-view to think of caring for — or being cared for by — one’s fellow man.

Can’t this be done better through private, voluntary good will and charity? Of course.

Do the government and mostly unethical politicians even deliver on the alleged goodness Democrats fantasize gets done by social programs? Of course not. Five minutes of analysis will show you that. But it’s the IDEA that counts with any fantasy, and the Democratic fantasy is that government equals virtue. To make matters worse, Democrats think the always rising standard of living that only capitalism provides comes from government programs.

You can count on Democrats always to show up to vote. Government is their God. Politics is their religion. Some Democrats are loafers and others are productive hard workers. But they share the view — more strenuously than Republicans or independents — that man is his brother’s keeper, “society” is our great comfort, and government must mandate the obligations for people to follow. The extreme and undiluted case of this attitude is socialism or Communism. But more and more Democrats are already there, quite comfortable with the label “socialist” and wearing it proudly.

The last firewall between this creed of government control and the liberty once taken as a given in America? The Republican party. And particularly Donald Trump, who asserts things like deregulation, lower taxation, First and Second Amendment rights. There’s no escaping this fact. You can visualize a better alternative if you like. But the reality remains that on Election Day 2018 (and 2020), the last remnants of American freedom are at stake. The Democrats do not plan merely to destroy Donald Trump. They intend to destroy any and all opposition. Unlike any time before, they’re explicitly saying so.

When at any time in our nation’s history has one of the two major parties openly called for abolishing the Second Amendment? Or outlawing “hate speech”, which is the First Amendment? Or having no borders or border patrol whatsoever? These are the radical and insane ideas now routinely advocated by Democrats.

You don’t have to love Republicans or President Donald Trump to show up on Election Day. But if you care even a little bit for what’s left of your liberty and individual rights, you had better show up and vote Republican. If you don’t, you will find amazingly soon that you have no freedom left.

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