Democratic Leftists: Anti-Gun, But Pro-Violence

Leftist, anti-gun/pro gun-ban groups are calling for the reporting of people who show up on Election Day at the polls with guns.

The gun control group “Guns Down America” is asking citizens to send a text alerting authorities if they see an armed citizen near a polling area.

They suggest their request is made out of concern of the political climate under President Trump.

USA Today quoted Guns Down America director Igor Volsky saying, “Given the troubling political rhetoric we’ve seen over the last two years, and that guns are far too easy to obtain, this campaign will help the majority of Americans who believe that fewer guns keeps us safer fight back and cast their ballots free from fear of intimidation.”

Now wait a minute. Democrats have nothing to worry about when it comes to violence and intimidation on Election Day.

All of the violence has been coming from the left.

Antifa on college campuses? It’s all from leftists who wish to shout down conservative speakers. Screaming at people until they leave a restaurant or other public places? 100 percent of it has come from Democratic leftists against Trump-supporting conservatives. Telling supporters to be “uncivil” and to “kick” people who disagree? It comes from Obama’s former Secretary of State (Hillary Clinton) and his former Attorney General (Eric Holder).

This got me thinking.

Leftists are the anti-gun people. But being anti-gun doesn’t make you anti-violence. All of the people calling for kicking, shooting, killing, harassing, shaming and intimidating are anti-gun leftist Democrats. These very same anti-gun Democrats are the very people — the only people — calling for violence and physical threats against people who disagree. They are the ones guilty of political violence, whenever and wherever it occurs.

Democrats and leftists want violence against those who disagree with them — including about the Second Amendment.

It tells you all you need to know about the Democratic Party and the people who most fervently support it. They hate guns, but they advocate violence. They are not pacifists. They are totalitarians. Because that’s what a totalitarian wants: An unchecked monopoly on the use of physical force. A totalitarian wants to force you to think, speak and act precisely the way he or she deems you should think, speak or act. If you don’t? Violence will greet you.

Democrats are fine with violence, guns and force. It’s dissenting opinions and different world views they cannot and will not tolerate. It’s yet another act of projection when anti-gun groups start shrieking, “Watch out at the polls on Election Day. Conservative gun owners will shoot you!” THEY are the ones we have to fear.

If you’re independent or leaning Democratic, you had better think clearly and seriously about what you’re supporting. Because in the end, we all lose when such a mentality wins.


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