Arlett vs. Carper for Delaware U.S. Senate Seat

My podcast co-host Robert Arlett debates Tom Carper for Delaware’s U.S. Senate seat.

Watched the whole debate just now. Great job, Robert Arlett!

My notes on the debate:

Hilarious to hear Democrat Carper talk about the Constitution — the least relevant factor in any of his party’s policies.

Carper praised Obama for soliciting Senators’ opinions on court appointments. Yeah, right! He asked Democrats if they preferred Communist A, B or C. He ignored Republicans and sneered that they should “try winning an election.”

Carper does not wish to repeal the Second Amendment–how moderate of him! Yet he does want “common sense” gun laws. Translation: He wants to abolish the Second Amendment.

Carper wants to balance the budget. Where was he when Obama ran up the national debt higher than George Washington to G.W. Bush combined?! In what universe does he have any credibility on this subject?

This delusional man actually believes the current economic expansion is all due to Obama. I guess poor MSNBC-watching and New York Times-reading saps believe this.

“The Affordable Care Act is not affordable.” Spot on, Rob Arlett. It’s a liability for everyone except politicians who choose to pretend it did anything.

Carper’s defense of Obamacare? “It’s just like Mitt Romney’s plan in Massachusetts.” Wow, now there’s a persuasive endorsement! Mitt Romney belongs in your party, Mr. Carper. Note that Congress conveniently exempted itself from the unaffordable Affordable Care Act. What does that tell you?

Nothing moderate about the moderator of this debate. Surprise, surprise. He keeps citing polls (WHOSE polls?) claiming huge majorities (75 percent) support leftist Democratic positions in Delaware. Interestingly, the more persuasive and clear Mr. Arlett’s points became, the more frenzied the overtly biased poll citations by the “moderator”. And they wonder why so many of us detest the media and corrupt academia?

Carper wants social media companies to have “oversight” by the government. He wants a Democratic Congress and Democratic President to make social media “accountable” to the government for content these politicians deem unacceptable. Creepy! Arlett, on the other hand, properly wants government out of social media unless trying to apprehend terrorists or other violent criminals.

Carper offers no evidence in support of climate change, which is based on the premise that we can predict the weather centuries ahead when we can’t even predict it for next week. And — conveniently — he wants to subsidize alternative energy companies with tax money, since they clearly cannot survive in the real marketplace.

So let me get this straight. Tom Carper wants term limits for all. Just not for himself, since he keeps running again and again and again. Do these Democrats hear themselves? Do they ever talk to anyone other than their peers in the halls of power and media?

Thank you Rob Arlett for asking Carper why he is not held to the same standard as Brett Kavanaugh, since Carper has been accused of assaulting his former wife.

Typical leftist reaction. It’s the reaction of someone who has lived in the D.C. bubble for so long, he hasn’t been exposed to any challenge of any kind. It’s an ideological echo chamber in that town.

Delaware has been a one-party state long enough. It’s unhealthy and unsustainable. Here’s hoping Rob Arlett can retire Tom Carper once and for all.

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