Elizabeth Warren’s Lie Is Not the Worst Part

Here’s the thing about the Elizabeth Warren 1/1024th Indian scandal.

It’s not that she lied. Of course she lied. Politicians lie. Democratic politicians lie most of all. Why? Because their method of economic organization — socialism — is based on a lie.

The real scandal? Elizabeth Warren meant what she said. She expressed moral pride in being an American Indian. As if it was an achievement. She takes pride in her racial makeup — even if it wasn’t her racial makeup.

Think about that a minute. Whatever your race is — black, white, Asian, Hispanic — are you actually PROUD of it? If so, why? What did you do to attain that racial status? Your racial characteristics are something you’re born with — part of your DNA. You had no say whatsoever in it. It’s what you DO with your DNA that ought to cause you pride (or shame).

Race is not a reason for pride or shame. It’s not a reason for anything. It’s just an incidental fact. Especially in a place like America, where you’re judged by your achievements and your happiness — not by your tribe.

On top of that: If you take pride in your race, whatever it is, then that pride implies your racial status is superior. For Elizabeth Warren to say (or even feel), “I am Native American; therefore I’m special and superior” is … you guessed it! RACIST.

How ironic. These asinine leftists are always calling everyone else racist. They are the real racists.

Racism consists of elevating unchosen characteristics such as racial or DNA makeup to a status it does not deserve. Whether you’re an anti-black person in the Jim Crow American south or the old apartheid of South Africa, or whether you’re a Democratic leftist today — acting and speaking as if your minority racial status somehow makes you SUPERIOR to others who lack that status…either way, you’re racist.

The Elizabeth Warren scandal exposes so much about what’s wrong with leftism, the Democratic party, and major elements of our entire society today.

I wonder if most people grasp just how scandalous it is?


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