Anti-Gay Bigotry on the Rise in Leftist France?

Wait a minute. I thought high taxes, wealth redistribution, nationalized health care and open borders for Muslims were all supposed to be GOOD for gays and lesbians. Then how do you explain this?

Despite the recent decision giving gay couples the right to marry, intolerance and attacks on homosexual couples are increasing across France with some scared to express their sexuality in public.

Earlier this month France saw three homophobic attacks on gay couples in the span of only three days, including a lesbian couple who were physically attacked with one woman punched in the face in Paris, French magazine Marianne reports.

Another attack occurred in Lyon with one of the victims telling the magazine: “We were insulted by a group of young people who started by saying ‘Hi girls’ then ‘dirty gays.’”

“I went to see them to ask them for an explanation, but I did not get one. At the moment I wanted to call the police, one of them approached me and punched me in the neck, a huge punch,” the 28-year-old added.

Vincent, a 35-year-old resident of Paris, said he was hesitant to show his sexuality in parts of the city saying: “When I walk with another guy, we pay attention to our level of proximity depending on the neighbourhood we are in. Especially at night, because we know it’s riskier.”

Even traditionally gay-friendly areas of Paris have changed in recent years, according to 23-year-old Hannah who claims that a man came to a lesbian bar she had been at and he had harassed patrons, yelling that he was going to “rehabilitate” them from across the street as they left the venue.

“Two of my friends were beaten on the subway exit a few weeks ago,” Hannah said and added: “Since coming out two years ago, I had never heard so many stories of attacks on people I know.”

Basile, a 25-year-old communications officer, said he and his partner were incredibly cautious about public displays of affection saying: “It is unthinkable for us to have a gesture of affection in the street and if we want to kiss, we look twice around us to make sure no one is watching us.”

Last week, two gay men in Paris’s 19th arrondissement were attacked for kissing each other with both men being badly beaten and requiring hospitalisation.

The issue of homophobic attacks is even starker in the heavily migrant-populated Paris suburbs where migrant-background homosexuals sometimes feel the need to move to another town after coming out. Many others simply hide their sexuality entirely.  [Source: Breitbart]


Mighty interesting!

France is a socialist, leftist and progressive welfare state. They have a socialist president. France guarantees not just gay marriage, but all the other things our own Democrats in America promise: Free health care, free college, limits on work hours, super high taxes for the rich and an immigration policy with virtually unrestricted access for Muslims.

And yet THIS is the state of affairs confronting many gay and lesbian persons in France: verbal assaults and threatening insinuations. A fear of holding hands in public — particularly in areas inhabited by large numbers of migrants.

How can this be?

Progressives will insist it has nothing whatsoever to do with Islam or unrestricted access to France by Muslim persons. But isn’t it at least reasonable to take a look? Even suggesting such a thing gets you branded a racist, and Hillary Clinton, among others, has promised you will NOT be treated civilly if you even suggest such a thing.

And what about the welfare state? France has long since progressed to the point of unlimited government handouts that Bernie Sanders and the mainstream Democrats now promise to give us. But does such an entitlement, handout-driven state foster good will among the citizens? Does it promote or harm social relationships?

Survivors of Communist countries will tell you that nothing like good will exists in a state where the government promises to take care of everyone and everything. People become resentful, bitter, entitled and engaged in a competition for scarce goods and supplies that socialist states inevitably bring about.

Maybe that’s the problem in France.

Maybe people are mean to each other because the government has turned them all into entitled, nasty parasites who are more inclined to express their bigotry.

And let’s face it, no matter how many “progressive” politicians you elect, you can’t change people’s minds about subjects like homosexuality until they become convinced in their own minds and hearts to do so.

Socialism isn’t all that great for gays and lesbians, nor for any of the others it’s supposed to help. Just one more reason to WalkAway# from the now completely radicalized, thoroughly left-wing and socialist Democratic Party in the USA—before they turn us into France.


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