YOUR Truth, MY Truth … or THE Truth? What to Think!?

“The truth will set you free”.

It’s a beautiful and elegantly true statement — IF you take it the right way.

Naming, facing and living with objective truth means living in reality. Reality is where you ARE — so it make sense to act, speak and think as if you live there.

Notice that you’re saying THE truth. Not YOUR truth or “my truth”. There’s a profound difference.

THE truth means reality and existence takes place outside your head. Your head and mind matter greatly — especially to you. The key to life is making the relationship between your HEAD and OUT-THERE reality harmonious.

If you don’t achieve and then maintain that harmony, you will be out of kilter and subject to all the things we hear and read about — anxiety disorder, depression, panic attacks. Sure, other things contribute to these problems. We’re all born with a temperament and some mental problems (schizophrenia, true bipolar) do have something to do with the brain. But serenity is essential for everyone, regardless of the state of your brain.

Some people rebel against the idea of “the truth” because it feels authoritarian and mean to them. But it’s actually a lot meaner to ignore the existence and reality outside your head.

These days, it’s fashionable, cool and p.c. to only look at feelings. And you see how uncivil everyone has become. It’s not social media, it’s not President Trump — it’s the way we THINK and the false ideas we assume.

And be careful. Putting THE truth over “my truth” does not mean letting others who subscribe to “my truth” roll over you. The best way to settle any argument (with yourself, or another) is to look at facts.

What do the facts say, and to what truth do the facts lead you?

It’s unhealthy if you don’t operate this way. But it’s just as unhealthy and wrong if someone else refuses to operate this way. Don’t get sucked into the world of such people, especially in a marriage or relationship!

A peaceful coexistence between YOUR mind and THE truth can do tons to foster serenity.


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