Do Democrats REALLY Want Socialism!?

A Gallup poll released Monday finds that – for the first time in the poll company’s data collection over the past decade – Democrats view socialism more positively than capitalism.

So does this mean Democrats want their Starbucks manufactured and distributed by a Coffee Accountability Office? And complaints about the quality of the coffee to be handled by their local post office or DMV?

Does this mean Democrats want their BMWs fixed not by the mechanic of their choice, but by one the Department of Automobile Distribution assigns to them?

Will these same Democrats not mind if their state or federal government office takes over their favorite Trader Joe’s? Or decides what brand of smart phone will next be available for them?

Because that’s what socialism means. It means GOVERNMENT ownership of the means of production.

Democrats love theory. They LOVE being SEEN as favoring socialism. I bet that 80 percent of them don’t even know what the word “socialism” means, that it actually refers to an economic theory with very real-life consequences. CNN, MSNBC and The New York Times have failed to alert them.

Democrats want to be SEEN as advocating socialism because most Democrats care very much about what others think of them, at least in politics. They feel virtuous by advocating socialism. Their friends feel virtuous too. Then they make each other feel virtuous by applauding each other and seething with anger and disgust at anyone who voted for any Republican.

But none of it has anything whatsoever to do with reality.

The poll finds younger Americans have shown the greatest decline in positive views of capitalism. Among those aged 18 to 29, only 45 percent are positive about capitalism today – a drop from 57 percent in 2016.

Most of these young Americans went to public schools. What are the odds that ANY government-run school ever gave them an objective definition of socialism? Why would government schools want to teach children the truth about socialism? It would be like schools owned and operated by Coca Cola telling kids soft drinks are bad for you. It’s never going to happen.

If America goes the way Democrats and a majority of young Americans evidently want us to go, then the United States will hold the distinction of being the FINAL country to experiment with socialism. It’s beyond ironic and beyond tragic.

America has survived so much, throughout its history. Will it survive the stupidity and ignorance of half its population on the subject of socialism? It remains to be seen.



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