The Most Extraordinary Thing About Donald Trump’s Presidency

I have read a lot of American history. I don’t believe America has ever seen anything like Donald Trump’s presidency. Not even close.

On that, perhaps we can all agree.

If you ask me, the distinguishing feature of Donald Trump’s presidency is not policy. We have had economic booms before, and we have defeated foes before. Those policies matter, but we have had successful presidents before.

What makes Donald Trump so different is psychological. The distinguishing psychological trait of this man and his presidency can be summed up by the phrase: NO B.S. NONE WHATSOEVER. NOT EVER.

The nation’s capital — a modern Imperial City — has never seen such a force in opposition to B.S. before. And that’s a truly beautiful thing. Especially given the level of B.S. he found when he got there.

If you think that’s unpresidential, you can make your case. If you think it’s bad for the country, you can make that claim too.

But it’s unique. You cannot argue that.

Case in point: the President’s tweet just today about his own Attorney General, which said something those of us paying attention already knew:

“Our A.G. is scared stiff and Missing in Action,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “It is all starting to be revealed – not pretty.”

It’s truly extraordinary — the President of the United States publicly denouncing his own Attorney General. And it’s completely deserved.

Just imagine any prior U.S. President criticizing his own Attorney General in this way. No, none of them would ever have done this. They would have given the usual B.S. “I stand by my Attorney General, 1000 percent.” And then a week or a month later, the Attorney General would resign. And then a year later he’d publish a book declaring, “It was all a lie. I was fired.” The media would act shocked and even the most uneducated and torpid would be smarter than the media. The usual cycle.

Jeff Sessions, who has been in the U.S. Senate forever, was an early supporter of Donald Trump. But he has also been in the U.S. Senate forever. He’s part of the corrupt Swamp that Donald Trump ran against. It’s more than clear that Trump made a mistake in appointing Sessions, and it’s a mistake he’s got to correct soon. Here’s hoping he does.

Psychologically, I think this lack of B.S. is good for the country. More than that, it’s what this country desperately needed more than anything at this point in time. Most Americans have lost faith in their government. Democrats appear to no longer even want a Constitutional republic, not even nominally. They want the Second Amendment gone, borders open, and the nation’s public treasury and private wealth literally thrown to the masses around the rest of the world.

Democrats are for the open suicide of the greatest nation that ever existed. Democrats are beyond deplorable and hopeless. They are, in their latest incarnation, totally sinister and utterly beyond redemption. It took President Trump’s brutal honesty and unflinching fighting spirit to expose them for what they really are. And brother, has he done that!

Republicans don’t want the nation to go under. In various ways, Republicans want to preserve or even expand the amount of liberty and freedom we have, especially as the Constitution was originally written. Career Republicans like Jeff Sessions don’t care — or they’re scared, as the President says.

We are at one of the worst points in our country’s history with regard to the people’s respect and trust for their government. It’s worse than Watergate. With Watergate, there was a sense that once Nixon was gone — whether you thought he was justly accused, or not — there would be a new beginning. It’s not like that now. Trump was the last and only hope for the moribund Republican Party. Those old hapless Republicans are never going to win the presidency again, not as they are, and I think even they know it. The only reason they retained Congress was because of Trump’s campaign in 2016. If they hold the Congress in 2018, it will only be due to Trump.

As for the Democrats — now there’s something to be afraid of. They will literally annihilate our nation if they ever get back the presidency, to say nothing of Congress. They might even do it if they don’t retain power, because their hatred of opposition and dissension seems limitless.

In such a context, it’s reassuring in the extreme to have a President who will not tolerate or engage in any B.S. — even about the incompetence or dishonesty of his top appointed officials. Refusing to tolerate B.S. is not enough, of course. You could be a fascist dictator and refuse to tolerate B.S. But President Trump’s propensity for being this way means you can generally count on him to mean what he says. This doesn’t make him automatically right, although he is very often right, and he’s FAR closer to the truth of what our Constitution is supposed to be than any Democrat (or most Republicans) could be on their best day.

We want President Trump to mean what he says, because much of what he says is true. We desperately need President Trump’s ruthless and unyielding honesty, harsh and shocking as it sounds at times, to stand up to a far more ruthless and totalitarian mentality brewing and coming out in force from the leftist Democratic and cultural establishment. Our country is booming, in many ways, but our government is in a bigger mess than most even now will admit. It’s populated with corrupt and incompetent hacks, Jeff Sessions among them. If President Trump can admit it about his own Attorney General, then there’s hope we may just yet get out of this mess.

Put it this way: Will you miss Donald Trump when he’s gone? Will you actually experience relief at a return to the dreary, disingenuous, dishonest, hypocritical, fawning and phony business-as-usual mentality that we used to have? I certainly won’t. And if you care even a little for this country, I bet you don’t look forward to that either. Be honest. You’re going to miss him when he’s gone.



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