Pretty Boy French Socialist Macron Collides With the Truth

French president Emmanuel Macron has said African nations must do more to keep young people from leaving and work to reduce their birth rates to ease the migrant crisis.

Political correctness. It always gets you tied up in knots!

On the one hand, we’re told by the High Priests at MSNBC and elsewhere, it’s proper to support unlimited and indiscriminate immigration. And totally open borders, with no border control whatsoever. If you don’t, you’re a racist.

On the other hand, it’s evil and irrational to refer to the countries these immigrants are fleeing as “s**holes”—even though they plainly are.

Now the socialist French president – the handsome, cool picture of political correctness – is trying to reverse course by telling would-be immigrants to “stay home” and make their own countries more tolerable and rational. Not that there’s anything wrong with their countries, of course!

Too many are emigrating from peaceful nations such as Senegal, the Ivory Coast, and Nigeria because of “a lack of hope, a lack of opportunities”, the socialist French president said.

However, he said there are too many for them all to settle in Europe: “These people, given the magnitude of this wave, cannot be accepted, at least, not all of them.”

Wow. When President Donald Trump says such a thing, it’s racist, Nazi and nationalist. When the leftist French President says it, it’s not even news.

Yet it’s true either way, isn’t it? At least from the point of view of a welfare state, which both France and the United States are (France more so). From the point of view of a welfare state, there are limits to the millions that can be fed, clothed, insured and educated by the government. What Macron cannot and will not say: There are only so many productive people to take care of you.

The only solution for everyone? Unlimited and unrestricted liberty. That means unhampered capitalism in economics, and unhampered individual rights in the areas of personal behavior, free speech, gun ownership, freedom of  association, private property and all the rest.

These are the things the politically correct cannot stand. Yet these are the things they’re counting on for immigrants to start staying home and making their own cultures and nations more livable places. What a conundrum.

They’re filled with contradictions and evasions, these socialists and leftists. It’s why they’re generally in such a bad mood. And it’s the main reason they cannot tolerate dissenting opinion. Dissenting opinion exposes their errors, evasions and contradictions.

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