Why “Pro-Choice” Advocates Are Not Really Pro-Choice

New Hampshire Republican Governor Chris Sununu recently signed into law a bill that requires health insurers to offer free birth control for a period of 12 months.

Is birth control a right? No way. Why? Because health care is not a right.

In order to make any product or service a right — even an important one, such as health care — you’re forcing someone else to pay for it and provide it.

You make a mockery of the concept “rights” by enslaving one person to provide the goods or services to another whom you claim has a right.

Do you have a right to health care? “Of course,” 99 percent of you will respond.

But let’s say I ask you, “Does your next door neighbor have a right to make you pay for their cancer treatment, requiring you to pay a fine or go to jail if you don’t?” You’d almost certainly say, “Well, no. Not a right. I might or might not feel a moral obligation, depending on the circumstances. But not a political right.”

There you have it. The contradiction that is ruining health care, and slowly causing America to go fiscally and morally down the drain.

And then there’s abortion.

Unlike most people who vote Republican, I actually do not believe abortion should be illegal. I do not believe abortion is murder. I was born on July 15, 1963. My birth date is not nine months before that. My individual right to life began on the first day of my life — not back in the fall of 1962. Once I was viable, there’s some “gray area” room for argument against my being aborted, but in a state of pre-life or non-viability — no way, I’d say.

My point? While I agree with the pro-choice people that abortion is not murder, and should not be illegal, I also agree with the anti-abortion people that government should not be forcing or subsidizing abortions with other people’s money. The main reason I believe this is because the government has no right to force some to pay for the goods and services of another, as I argued above.

But in abortion it’s particularly evil. There are millions of people — probably about half the country — who sincerely believe that abortion is murder. While I respectfully disagree, and do not question the authenticity of their love of individual rights, I understand their reasons for saying so. When we project an actual human onto the potential human of a three-week or three-month pregnancy, it seems like we’re talking about a human. I get it, but I don’t think it’s right.

Nevertheless, the idea of forcing abortion opponents  to work for a portion of their week to subsidize and sanction what they believe to be murder is tyranny of the ugliest form. The Obama administration was particularly brazen — and yes, downright fascist — in imposing their will this way.

Yet here we have a Republican governor in New Hampshire sanctioning that very thing. And these Never Trumpers still wonder why Donald Trump took over their party and became President?

The pro-choice people have been very skillful at lumping together two inconsistent things. One, that abortion is an individual right and should not be against the law; and two, their claim that to deny federal subsidies for abortion is the same as outlawing abortion outright.

I’m living proof that it’s possible to support the individual right to purchase an abortion (or get it free of charge, if someone willingly pays for it); AND to refuse letting government subsidize abortion. Yes, I’m in a minority, but I’m used to that. Minorities can be right, and often they are. It’s the truth that matters.

And the pro-choice people — who stand for choice in almost none of their other socialist schemes like high taxation and Obamacare — care nothing for truth or justice. It seems that these “pro-choice”, hypocritical socialists have now fully infected the Republican Party as well, at least in New Hampshire.

The only solution is to stand up for the things that got America started and made it great in the first place: individual rights, liberty and freedom for all. Government off the body, out of the womb, out of our mouths, speech, minds and motivations. In short: Protect us, but otherwise — Leave us the hell alone!


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