Democratic “Religious Test” for Supreme Court: What About Environmentalism, Progressivism?

Democrats want a “religious test” for President Trump’s next Supreme Court pick.

They feel entitled to a justice who will vote the way they want, even though their party lost the last two elections. Wasn’t it President Obama who once said that elections matter, and that if you want your kind of judges, you should try winning an election? I guess that no longer applies.

The religious test applies to Christian religions. For example, Democrats don’t want a Catholic, because they assume a Catholic will be against abortion.

What if a U.S. Senator said he didn’t want a Muslim Supreme Court Justice? The hue and cry would reverberate into the next galaxy.

And why do we limit religion to things like Catholicism, Christianity or Judaism?

I define a religion as an ideological form of belief.

Environmentalism is a religion. It’s a religion that shames mankind for turning the earth into a productive, happy and livable place for human beings.

If Democratic Senators get to rule out a Catholic or a Christian, why don’t I get to rule out an Environmentalist? Or a Progressive? Progressivism is a kind of religion too. It’s a philosophical-ideological belief that you are your brother’s keeper, and that you must share large portions of your income with other people the government deems worthy, whether you choose to do so, or not.

Tyranny and religion can go hand in hand. Democratic Senators like Dianne Feinstein are quick to point that out, and it’s true. But progressivism, socialism and environmentalism are imposing more tyranny than anything I’m aware of being done by Christianity or Catholicism at the moment.

Abortion is an important issue. Republicans have some division on this issue. So does the country as a whole.

But to me, what’s a whole lot more important right now are matters such as: upholding the individual’s right to freedom of speech; the right to own a weapon; the right to keep as much of one’s earnings as possible; and the right to live under a government that protects rights, but doesn’t do anything else for — or to — its citizens.

So can we review all of the Obama appointees sitting on the Supreme Court and see how well they fit my criteria? I know millions agree with me. It’s time we have a say about the Supreme Court, as well.

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