Never Trumpers Gone Mad: George Will Wants Democrats Over Trump

Long-time conservative George Will has called for the defeat of Republicans in the 2018 elections — and presumably 2020, as well.

It’s virtue-signaling — no different than the virtue-signaling you find on the other side. Never Trump conservatives and Democratic leftists appear more and more the same, psychologically. Because they have no case for their positions other than anger, bitterness and emotion, they have to turn to one another to show how right they are. It’s as if truth comes from the approval of your peers — all of whom are against the same thing, while none seem to know (or care) what they’re for.

Will’s opposition to Republicans in Congress — most of whom (e.g. Paul Ryan, John McCain) are do-nothing, and worse than worthless — has nothing to do with legitimate grievances and only concerns the one thing he hates more than anything: Donald Trump and his presidency.

In order to say we’re better off with Democrats in Congress and the White House than with President Trump, you’d likewise have to defend the following points:

We’re better off with ISIS than without it, since ISIS has been largely defeated since Trump took office;

We’re better off with 2 percent economic growth rather than 4 percent, and with a President who sneers at wealth producers and tells them, “You didn’t build that”;

We’re better off with higher taxes than with lower taxes, even if taxes are still too high;

We’re better off with more and more environmental and other innovation-destroying regulations than with fewer of them;

We’re better off with government ownership of the Internet (Orwellian “net neutrality”) than with the relatively free market that made the Internet as we know it today;

We’re better off with people having no recourse against the FDA for speeding up drug approval so dying or ill persons can exercise the right to choose, since that legislation would never have passed under other administrations of either party;

We’re better off with more Islamic-inspired attacks on American soil and Black Lives Matter-inspired attacks on police, since there have been fewer of both since Trump took office;

We’re better off with Supreme Court justices openly determined with overturning the Second Amendment and limiting the First Amendment, since Trump’s appointees are the only ones who hopefully will do neither;

We’re better off with millions more on the government dole than with millions less, since the immigration policies of Democrats and Never Trumpers only have that to offer us.

It’s crazy and intellectually dishonest to pretend that things are no different under the Trump administration than they would have been under a third Obama term or a first Hillary Clinton term (same thing).

Under Trump, we may or may not survive. Under the continued reign of the anti-liberty, anti-individual rights, anti-First and Second Amendment, anti-capitalism, anti-love-of-life-on-earth Democratic socialists, survival is not an option.

It’s not surprising to see Democrats virtue signal their hatred of Trump, since they stand for nothing and can only find “solidarity” in showing how much they hate Donald Trump for reasons they’re never able to rationally prove or intelligently name.

It’s beyond surprising and downright disgusting to see Never Trumper Republicans like George Will engage in the pretense that President Trump’s policies are no different than the full Communist, full socialist movement direction of the Democratic Party — the party they would now prefer to see in power over President Trump and the Republicans.

I once held George Will in fairly high regard. No more.

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