Careful What You Wish For, “Resistance” Democrats

“DHS boss Kirstjen Nielsen heckled, harassed at DC restaurant”, reads another headline. Since President Trump took office, the only opposition tactics we have seen are heckling, harassing, threatening, intimidating, cajoling, mocking, using foul language and even violence.

Is this all “the resistance” has? Whatever happened to argumentation? Whatever happened to reason and persuasion?

They never state their case and make it rationally.

Do THEY believe their views favoring open borders, socialized medicine, unlimited government spending and debt, subsidizing corrupt businesses, and curbing the rights to free speech and bearing arms are outside of reason?  If so, then why do they cling so tenaciously to those views?

At some point, we have to stop dignifying leftist and Democratic opposition as anything remotely rational. If they have anything to say, in a rational way without the use of force, or threats of the use of force, or shouting or tempter tantrums, then it makes sense to (1) listen and (2) respond with your counterpoint. But that has yet to happen even one time since President Trump took office.

You have to wonder what these resisting Democrats ultimately want to accomplish. Do they actually think their intimidation and threats are going to get people who support many of President Trump’s policies to back down? They certainly will never get him to back down, which is why he enjoys increasing support even among those who reluctantly voted for him. Republicans have not seen anything like this — well, just about ever.

So why don’t we put the Democratic leftists on the defensive and start asking them, “What would it look like if you won? Let’s say you retake Congress in 2018 and the White House in 2020. And that you do so by mocking, hostility, threats, deceit and intimidation. Do you really think these things are practical, persuasive and foster the cooperation you need from the electorate to do the things you wish to do? Do you really think that the people who hate you now will hate you any less after you succeed in knocking down opposition in this way?”

Careful what you wish for Democrats. The ONLY strategy we see you using is the hatred, heckling and threats you decry in others, and that you falsely attribute to President Trump, his supporters, or anyone else who dissents from your party line about anything.

You leftists and Democrats might think you can win by intimidation and heckling. But you win nothing, other than more of a reputation as a foot-stamping, tantrum-manipulating child with no agenda to offer. You’re big babies who reveal you have nothing substantive to say by abandoning reason one-hundred percent. If you ever do find yourselves back in power, at least half the country — the more rational half — will be in more of a resisting mood than you have ever been, only this time with substance.

Just watch.

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