What Makes Leftism Tick, and What it Has in Common with Islam

I recently saw this meme: “Why do Muslims insist on moving to non-Muslim countries and then complain that they find OUR way of life offensive? Why not remain in a MUSLIM country where their way of life is the norm?”

The reason Muslims flood to America while despising what America stands for is they want to have it both ways. They do not want to accept the consequences of their ideology, which leads to despair, starvation and dictatorship. They cling to the belief system that brought them so much misery they were forced to flee their impoverished countries, while now seeking to impose — by force, not persuasion — that same belief system on the much more benevolent, tolerant and prosperous USA.

In this respect, Muslims are a lot like leftists. What unites Islam and “progressive” leftism is a hatred of America. Muslims want to impose a religious dictatorship on America to make it like the miserable places they escaped. Leftists want to impose a socialist, one-party dictatorship on the country where government rules every aspect of every individual’s life according to the secular religion of leftism.

It’s no wonder leftists — while totally in opposition to Muslims on core issues like the rights of women and gays — are so protective of Muslims. Each side senses that the enemy of their most mortal enemy is their friend. The enemy of both leftists and Muslims? Freedom, liberty, reason and rationality. Leftism and Islam are the least freedom-loving and least rational ideologies on the planet today.

The intolerance of the left cannot be explained away by their loss of the White House. In places like California, where virtually no chance exists for a Republican or even moderate Democrat ever to hold high office again, the leftists are even more determined to impose their environmentalist, Big Government, moralistic Nanny State mentality on the entire population.

This shows us that when denied power, leftists are mean and nasty, like we see them nationally right now faced with President Trump’s administration. But when given unlimited power, as in California, they’re even meaner and more tyrannical. Note that for future use, because there’s no guarantee that leftists and Democrats will never again win an election at the national level, even if Trump prevails again in 2020.

Like Muslim fanatics, Democratic proponents of tyranny in California and elsewhere will never, ever give up. Government and power are all they have and all they will ever care about. From that perspective, they have nothing to lose and will stop at nothing to get what they feel is theirs. That includes your guns, your free speech, your money and all of your liberties.

To understand what Islam and leftism have in common, you have to understand what makes such an intolerant and controlling ideology like leftism tick. It’s really not so different from Islam, at least psychologically. That’s why neither one of them will go away or ever accept defeat.

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