“Fauxcahontas” and the Idiocy She Represents

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) said she knew who she was when host Chuck Todd when pressed her on her claims of a Native-American heritage.

When asked about taking a DNA test, Warren said, “Look, I do know. I know who I am and never used it for anything. Never got any benefit from it anywhere.”

Breitbart calls her “Fauxcahontas”. It’s right on target.

Warren’s comments embody the essence of socialist, collectivist ideology.

First, reality is what’s in your head. Not what’s “out there”. If what’s out there conflicts with what’s in your head, then you go with what’s in your head. End of story. This means of acquiring knowledge is how one becomes a socialist. Socialism is the ideology of air-headed subjectivists, not people who grasp how human behavior works and how human civilizations survive and flourish.

How else could somebody support socialism and Communism without such a mindset? Collective ownership of the means of production fails everywhere and every time its tried. Yet hope springs eternal to those who live in their heads.

Second, “I don’t benefit.” Why shouldn’t she benefit from things? Why shouldn’t any of us benefit from our own virtues or honest efforts? It’s called justice. The question is: According to what kind of mentality would it be a benefit to be a Native-American, or anything else? You don’t choose your racial heritage. It’s neither a moral achievement nor a moral flaw. Achievements and flaws have to do with your character, choices and accomplishments, not your racial heritage. It’s warped to claim it’s a virtue to be of a certain racial heritage.

Yet Warren, like her socialist and collectivist brethren, appears to assume that being a Native-American is an achievement — and then goes on to claim that she did not benefit from it, while disregarding evidence conflicting with her claim that she’s Native-American in the first place.

What a mess Elizabeth Warren is. What a mess the heads and minds of people who actually think she’s a worthwhile human being must be. And what a mess collectivism and socialism are.

What a wreck America will become if it finally goes all the way with the socialism and collectivism that liars, incompetents and frauds like Elizabeth Warren will peddle to the end of their days.

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