Florida’s Governor Caves: Why Do We Have Republican Governors Again?

“Gov. Rick Scott Signs $400 Million Gun Control Bill: Includes Firearm Confiscation, Waiting Periods”, reads the headline.

Exactly why do we have Republican governors again?

Of course, he felt compelled to “do something”. To not “do something” would seem like a failure to honor the victims of the Florida government school slaughter last month. At least if you think the government has the power to stop such shootings by disarming the innocent and doing nothing whatsoever to protect them, such as arming teachers or privatizing schools.

“Doing something” is often worse than doing nothing. The Republican Governor’s bill includes provisions to prevent 18-year-old adults — who can join or theoretically be drafted into the army — from having the right to defend themselves until they are 21.

Democrats are generally bonkers, especially when it comes to guns. Republican governors know better, which makes Gov. Scott’s “do something” gun control bill a disgraceful breach of integrity. But it’s nothing new. People who vote for Republicans are like women married to cheating husbands. They keep thinking it will be different, but it never is.

Ironically, the entire American system of government was based on doing nothing, not doing something. The Bill of Rights, including the precious First and Second Amendments, are based on prohibitions against the government doing things that historically governments have always done — disarm the population and control what they think, read and say.

On our current course, we will soon have a government that does everything to us, instead of the nothing we were once promised.

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