The Fallacy of “Sanctuary Cities”

Supposedly, supporting “sanctuary cities” in places like Oakland, Chicago and San Francisco makes you progressive and therefore morally superior. Opposing them automatically makes you racist.

That’s what Hollywood and ESPN tell us. So it must be true.

But a sanctuary city refers to sanctuary from U.S. federal law. We’re talking about immigration laws passed by Democrats and Republicans alike, and generally supported by Democrats until they realized illegal immigrants might be stupid enough to vote for them in large majorities.

If sanctuary cities are acceptable when it comes to ignoring federal laws on immigration, then what about other laws?

What about federal laws enforcing Obamacare?

What about federal laws requiring you to obey the IRS?

What about federal laws requiring you to obey the edicts of the EPA, the Department of Education, the FCC, the FEC and the FDC?

If it’s now acceptable for governors and mayors to ignore federal laws for immigration, then why can’t mayors and governors ignore laws requiring the payment of federal taxes, obeying federal antidiscrimination laws and obeying Obamacare?

If we’re only a federalist system when it comes to enforcing laws Democrats, leftists and progressives like, while we’re a states’ rights system when it comes to enforcing federal laws they do not like, then what kind of country are we?

I disagree with nearly everything the federal government does. I don’t want to participate in Medicare, Social Security, the funding of government schools, the funding of other people’s birth control and health care, in agricultural subsidies or the general system of wealth redistribution that our federal tax code mandates.

Where’s my sanctuary city?

And what would become of me if I were a mayor or a governor and I tried to enforce one for these reasons?

I do not wish to see a civil war in the United States of America. But how can what’s going on right now in places like Oakland, CA lead us to any other conclusion than we’re already in the beginning stages of one? Or if not a civil war, the first real breakdown of our federal system since the 1860s?

For all practical purposes, California has already seceded from the Union. And if the Democrats manage to seize the Presidency back, what kind of a Union can they expect to count on after their behavior during the Trump administration?

Progressives and Democrats want a sanctuary from reality. They seek to mandate everything they like on the entire population. And if they don’t like it, they will ignore the rule of law. They don’t care about reality. They don’t care about the views, thoughts, ideas or feelings of anyone but themselves. They are tyrants and dictators, whether in the majority or the minority.

Wherever this all leads, it’s not going to end well.

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