Should America Not Have a Billionaire President?

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren on Oprah 2020: “I Don’t Know” If America Wants Another Celebrity Billionaire President, according to a headline.

Does being a billionaire disqualify you from being a President? Elizabeth Warren seems to think so.

Actually, the status of one’s bank account should have nothing to do with it. What matters are the candidate’s ideas about liberty, individual rights and the role of government in people’s lives.

Thomas Jefferson would make a great President whether he had a modest income or millions. The reasons for opposing or supporting Oprah Winfrey have nothing to do with her bank account. Given that she made the money in a marketplace, without coercing anyone, makes her morally superior to the typical politician, if anything. It certainly makes her morally superior to Hillary Clinton, who made her millions essentially using pull from having been a First Lady, a U.S. Senator and then Secretary of State and selling that pull to the highest bidder.

I am no fan of Oprah running for President. I’m virtually certain she will stand for ideas and policies such as socialized medicine, wealth redistribution, a weak national defense, a policy of America apologizing for its strengths and successes, government ownership of the Internet and the use of agencies such as the IRS to punish political dissidents. Obama stood for all of these things, and Oprah loved Obama. In fact, I expect she’d carry these policies even further, as any Democratic candidate can be expected to do.

However, opposing Oprah for President because she has billions created not by political pull, but via willing participants in the marketplace, is completely wrong. It shows you the warped and corrupt value system of career politicians and Big Government proponents like Elizabeth Warren. The only money they respect is the money taken by force and spent in the public sector. It’s the exact opposite of the American spirit and what the American form of limited government was supposed to be.

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