When a Politician Talks About Having a “Conversation”, Run For Your Life

Delaware’s Governor announced that parents may be “part of the conversation” about a new unlegislated edict requiring parents to let school-age children determine their own race or gender. So parents may be part of the conversation? How generous of his Excellency! [My original article, also published by the Delaware State News, is here.]

Whenever a politician talks about having a “conversation”, you had better run for your life. Obama used to pull this all the time. As if Obama cared about opposing points of view for even a moment! There are no conversations between an entrenched political establishment and a minority of dissenters who disagree. At least not in one-party states like California, New York, Delaware and many others.

Conversations refer to willing parties. Government holds a conversation at the point of the gun. It’s a mockery of the concept conversation to talk about politicians holding the threat of regulation over your heads and then saying you can have a “conversation” about it. Yes, America was founded as a democratic republic. But these executive orders in Delaware and elsewhere, like Obama’s at the national level, have nothing whatsoever to do with the system of government spawned by the original U.S. Constitution.

Delaware’s new law is not even a law — it’s simply a Governor’s edict mandating that transgender and “transracial” issues are determined by the child and the state, not by the parents. Nobody who would consider issuing such an edict in the first place cares anything about conversations. It’s just dishonest public relations.

Because of the ferocious reaction against the proposed regulation by parents who will be forced to comply, the Governor feels compelled to go through the motions of democracy and “diversity”. But in practice he will go ahead with the regulation anyway, most likely, because in the end, Delaware is a one-party state run by one set of interest groups — all on the Democratic side. Too bad if you don’t agree with them. It’s called a state monopoly on education for a reason.

The recent fiasco in Delaware is one more reason to get government off the backs of the people and out of the realm of education altogether. The sooner the better, regardless of what you feel about transgender or anything else. The people least morally and intellectually qualified to do so are running public schools. This includes unaccountable teachers’ unions who face no real competition and enjoy the advantage of unlimited federal and state funds. Private schools do a far better job — and with none of the irrationality and politics — with no government funds.

Look at pathetic Delaware and ask yourself: How on earth could a free market for education be inferior to this?

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