Trump’s Supreme Court Victory on “Extreme Vetting” a Victory for Constitution

President Donald Trump won a big victory Monday in the Supreme Court, which upheld his “extreme vetting” on immigration into the United States.

The dispute over the policy stemmed from its application to six majority-Muslim countries. Lower federal courts in California, Hawaii, and Maryland ruled the ban was unconstitutional.

In September, the administration revised the policy to add North Korea, Venezuela, and Chad to the list. It dropped Sudan and kept Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen.

The battle over President Trump’s so-called “Muslim ban” is a battle between two premises. One premise is that it’s the primary purpose of America’s federal government to protect citizens from physical force. The other premise is that it’s the primary purpose of America’s federal government to enact worldwide political correctness and “multiculturalism”.

The first premise is absolutely right and the second is totally wrong.

People who criticize President Trump for his policy don’t do so on the basis of, “It won’t work.” The standard of “what should work” differs fundamentally between Trump supporters and leftists who loved Obama. Leftists condemn the Trump policy because it’s not politically correct and it’s not multicultural, defined as the premise that no one culture, belief system or political ideology (which Islam is) is more or less inferior or superior to another.

If we took the morally nonjudgmental approach to Nazism, who knows where America would be today. If the American revolutionaries had taken the morally nonjudgmental approach to the British Crown, we’d still be living under United Kingdom rule. If Lincoln had nonjudgmentally concluded that slavery in the South was no different than freedom for black people in the North — on the premise of “Who are we to judge?”– then America would look very different today.

As for leftist “liberals” and nonjudgmentalism, have you ever tried disagreeing with a leftist about anything political or sociological? As a group, this is not a nonjudgmental bunch!

I am sick of the leftist approach of morally mistaken and psychologically fraudulent non-judgmentalism. They seem only to reserve this approach for anyone who is not pro-American, not pro-Constitution, not irrationally anti-gun, not irrationally anti-money or anti-technology, or anyone else not a member of groups they deem worthy as victim classes.

The President has every constitutional right to influence and determine policy on who may cross our nation’s borders when the reasons have everything to do with physical safety threats, threats that the politically correct do not wish to admit come in much higher numbers from Muslims than non-Muslims. Those of us who want to live and flourish in liberty and peace should not have to sacrifice our desires for the sake of ideological leftists who want to pretend no such threats exist.

If leftists ever determine a better way to protect innocent American lives from the threat of irrational ideologies and the people who promote them with violence, then we should be “all ears”. Rest assured it’s not going to happen. Why? Because it’s not what concerns them.

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