President Trump’s Middle Ground on Iran: Not Wise

President Donald Trump will not re-certify to Congress Iranian compliance with the landmark nuclear deal signed in 2015 under President Barack Obama, but will keep the agreement itself in place.

Bad idea. It’s a middle ground approach, typical of Republicans and disappointing in President Trump. “We won’t recertify the agreement. That will show Iran. But keeping it will appease people who are afraid of Iran.”

It sends a message to Iran: We’re afraid of you. Even if we’re not afraid of them, it’s a dangerous message. The Iranian government consists of brutal totalitarian dictators. They read weakness and indecision as fear. Even if President Trump is not fearful, and would do what he has to do in the event Iran ever acquires nuclear weapons, it invites war when war could have been prevented.

Sooner or later, Iran will attack. It’s only a matter of time. If they sense weakness, they’re more likely to do that. It’s the same with any bully, whether that bully has nuclear weapons, or not.

You cannot appease dictators, and you cannot appease their apologists in America. If World War II and 9/11 did not teach us that, then I don’t know what will.

The Iran deal was an open payoff to a murderous dictatorship hellbent on world domination. The only moral and practical solution would have been to rip up the deal, because it never should have happened. The Iranians, like other dictators, do not acknowledge or care about a middle ground.

If we care to survive, neither should we.



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