Nancy Pelosi’s Revealing “Slip” on Banning Guns

Nancy Pelosi let the cat out of the bag recently when she said, “They’re going to say, ‘You give them bump stock, it’s going to be a slippery slope [on gun control/gun bans].’ I certainly hope so,” she told a reporter at a news conference.

It’s not that she slipped. Democratic socialists like Pelosi are unequivocal control freaks. They do not care about the Constitution, individual liberty, the Second Amendment or any other form of individual rights. It’s not just about guns. They don’t care about property rights, either.

They don’t view “tax reform” or even tax cuts as returning money to its rightful owners. They view all property as government property. Any property we’re allowed to keep is because it serves what they view as society’s interest, which actually means the government’s interest.

When they say things like, “You didn’t build that,” what they really intend to convey is: “It’s not yours. It’s society’s. In other words, it’s mine.” So it goes with all dictators throughout human history. It’s nothing new!

Self-interest, they maintain, is automatically and always wrong. The only exception to self-interest being wrong is when politicians like Nancy Pelosi make careers out of violating the rights of others, often making tons of money in the process. Self-interest in those special cases is OK, while any other kind of self-interest is bad and wrong, because it gets in the way of “social” interest which, once again, means: the interests of government.

It’s no longer a partisan issue. What I’m saying here applies to many if not most Republicans, as well. Hence the glazed over, slightly frightened look in the eyes of career politicians like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell when any hint of holding them to their word about limiting government or reducing taxes comes into play. And don’t even think about rolling back government, as in proposals to abolish the Department of Education. It will not happen under their watch any more than it would under the watch of a socialist Democratic Congress.

As for Republicans like John McCain, there’s no frightened look. They’re just like Pelosi, dictators at heart and to the core of their being.

At some point, we have to blame the people, meaning you and me. Either we agree with the likes of Nancy Pelosi when it comes time to rolling back the rights of the individual, slippery slope or no, or we choose to minimize or ignore what they’re saying. Either way we’re wrong, and we’re allowing our society to progressively perish at the hands of a government originally intended to protect us.

The thing you have to understand about seemingly crazy powerlusters like Nancy Pelosi is that they mean what they’re saying. Roll back the Second Amendment via a slippery slope of laws intended to take us there? “I certainly hope so.” Rest assured the same applies to the First Amendment, to private property rights or any other remaining fragment of liberty we still partially enjoy.

Earth to Americans: When politicians say they don’t care about your rights, they actually mean it.

When will we start to listen?

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