Harvey Weinstein: What Leftism Truly Embodies

When President Donald Trump made lewd comments about a women in a private conversation, he was (and still is) considered a sexual predator. When Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein actively intimidates, threatens and otherwise sexually harasses women for years on end, it’s completely overlooked by the High Priests of Feminist and Socialist Morality who populate our cultural, corporate and political elite.

What does this tell you? Something other than the rights or feelings of women animate the Democratic Party and the progressive, leftist movement. Harvey Weinstein illustrates – yet again – that progressives are willing to tolerate the things they claim to find intolerable—but only from men who will advance their quest for power.

Ditto with Islam. It’s hard to imagine a social movement more opposed to reasonable, just and benevolent treatment of women than Islam. Muslim women literally wear their subjugation on their faces, and endure a hell of a lot worse than Harvey Weinstein’s or Bill Clinton’s victims in the name of Allah.

And yet progressives like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and many others were behind then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch, no doubt, when in the waning months of the Obama administration she said the Justice Department had to find ways to criminally and civilly prosecute those who would dare to criticize Islam.

“Follow the money”, some people say. It’s much deeper and far worse than that.

Harvey Weinstein’s scandal illustrates it very well. And we already knew it from the free pass Bill Clinton and later his wife, Hillary Clinton, received for covering up and even destroying the victims of Bill’s sexually predatory behavior. Progressives and Democrats want power. They are willing to sacrifice the things they claim to hold as ideal because all they ever wanted was power for its own sake. And that’s the starting point of evil.

It doesn’t get any more sleazy and immoral than this. Immorality is not practical, not over the long run. The only thing standing in the way of sleazy behavior’s inevitable collapse is the refusal of good or innocent people to call it – and treat it – for what it is.

That’s the problem in our politics and government right now. Too many are willing to excuse and tolerate Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein’s actions while not at all willing to tolerate Donald Trump’s words when uttered in private.

Sooner or later, good and honest people have to put Democrats and progressives on the defensive. Even with Donald Trump in office, they still run most of the media, academia and the mainstream corporate world (witness the NFL). They must be required to explain what they’re really after, since it’s obviously not the rights or sensitivities of women.

We know what they’re really after, of course. We should just make them say it.

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