Anti-Gun Democrats Are the Biggest Gun Lovers of All

Here’s the irony about gun control or gun ban advocates: They love guns more than anybody.

The advocates of gun control are the same people who want government involved in everything including education, universal health care, control of the Internet, laws against politically incorrect “hate speech”, higher taxes, more and more government regulation, the amount of fuel and energy we use, and all the rest.

In order to control people as socialists and Democrats wish to do, you must have lots of laws, rules and government agencies. And how do government agencies enforce their laws and rules? With guns.

If you fail to obey a government edict and order, including the order we all may eventually face to hand over our weapons, then you’re confronted with a government gun. And if you’re forced into a court or prison for disobeying those laws or regulations, then the means for doing so is with a gun.

Without guns, progressives, socialists and Democrats would be nowhere. And yet they’re the ones who claim moral superiority by bragging about how against guns they are, and how insane and irrational you must be to demand having your guns.

Democrats and other gun control advocates try to paint principled defenders of the Second Amendment as irrational, paranoid control freaks. Yet they are the real control freaks, because they are the ones who seek virtually unlimited government control over every last detail of our lives, something that requires the very guns they claim to abhor.

You can only arrive at one conclusion: It’s not guns that these gun control progressives really hate. It’s the lack of control. You don’t even have to own a gun or particularly like guns to oppose the relentless attacks on the Second Amendment that happen every time an insane criminal personality or terrorist chooses to evade the many gun laws we already have.

It’s not about gun control; it’s about control. When you fight for your Second Amendment rights, you’re not fighting for guns. You’re fighting for the right to control your life. Progressives will never understand this, because they don’t want you to have control over your life. They want the government to have that control. It’s as simple as that.

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