Obamacare Repeal: A Good Thing, But Still Not a Free Market

Newsmax reports that, “GOP success [with Obamacare repeal] is by no means a slam dunk. In perhaps their riskiest political gamble, the plan is expected to cover fewer than the 20 million people insured under Obama’s overhaul, including many residents of states carried by President Donald Trump in November’s election.”

Donald Trump made it very clear in his campaign that he wanted to repeal Obamacare. Anyone voting for him knew what they were getting. If they turn on him now, then they only have themselves to blame, not Republicans. If the primary or only purpose of the Republican Party’s existence is to secure and gain votes, by having the exact same kinds of policies Democrats have — well, we’ve already had that for decades. What’s all the fighting about, since Republicans will give us the same things anyway?

Newsmax: “In a last-minute change to satisfy conservative lawmakers, business and unions, Republicans dropped a plan pushed by House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., to impose a first-ever tax on the most generous employer-provided health plans.”

This shows you how career politicians like Paul Ryan are every bit as much socialists as their Democratic colleagues. Think about what socialism means: No private ownership. If you’re doing better than I am, then a portion of your wealth/property belongs to me. The same applies if I’m doing better than you are. When a career politician on the Democratic or socialist side proposes taxing (i.e. punishing) people for having better health plans than someone else, it’s not news. But when a Republican (Paul Ryan) masquerading as an advocate of the free market and individualism does so, it’s a betrayal and level of hypocrisy difficult to contemplate, even in corrupt and unprincipled Washington DC.

By the way, health care legislation to repeal Obamacare should not be to “satisfy” Republican, Democratic or any other politicians. The point of legislation is to privatize the market, as completely and as quickly as possible. Again, we don’t expect that from Democrats and, to be fair, Democrats never have and never will run on that platform. Democrats are now pretty much explicit socialists, and some are even acting like Communists. No surprise there. What are we to make of Republicans who are so unfriendly to the idea of the free market?

Newsmax goes on to report that, “Popular consumer protections in the Obama law would be retained, such as insurance safeguards for people with pre-existing medical problems, and parents’ ability to keep young adult children on their insurance until age 26.” Well, those were the most important provisions to get rid of — IF a free market for health care and health insurance is what you want. If government can set the terms of health insurance policies, then government owns the entire health care industry. If we’re going to continue operating under a government-run medical and health insurance industry, then let’s not blame the free market when things fail to get better, fairer or more rational. Republican Obamacare will not do us any better than the Democratic version.

If you want health care to run as smoothly and with as much accountability as we already see in the areas of computers, food, clothing, automobiles, travel and technology, then you’ve got to get the government the hell out of the way … as quickly as possible. That includes facing the truth that Medicare and Medicaid are government monstrosities that cannot sustain themselves and will, sooner or later, force themselves into privatization anyway. Why not plan and prepare for a free market now? Do any of you Republicans out there even have a clue? Clearly your leader, Paul Ryan, does not.

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