Insanity in Washington DC: And It’s Not Donald Trump

The only basis for criticizing President Trump for his wiretapping allegations against former President Obama is to say they’re baseless assertions.

But former President Obama and his supportive media — CNN, and most other media outlets — have not provided support or evidence that Donald Trump was, or is, engaged in a conspiracy with Russia, to destroy the United States. Nor do they appear to feel obliged to do so. Fueled by their strength in numbers, their frenzy mounts to dizzying proportions as they feed off each other’s hysteria.

As serious as Donald Trump’s charges are against former President Obama, the media’s charges against Donald Trump involve a far clearer and much more present danger. Shouldn’t something other than hearsay, and the fact that Democratic politicians and Democratic news networks are talking about it, be provided to substantiate such a terrible charge?

The only evidence offered to support the accusations against President Trump that he plans to destroy the United States in some kind of a conspiracy with Russia is the alleged “fact” that he, along with some of his Cabinet members or aides, may have talked with people who happen to be Russian before the election. But it’s easy to prove that Democratic officials such as Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama himself have done the same thing. If merely talking to Russians is evidence (even proof) of a conspiracy with Russia to destroy the United States, then virtually all politicians and elected officials are guilty of this same charge.

Left undefended in all this is the premise that if Donald Trump or anyone associated with him appears friendly with someone who happens to be Russian, it’s proof positive of a conspiracy to destroy America, while if anyone on the Democratic or leftist side has done the same thing, it’s not proof of anything.

Once again, the only evidence we have is that people like former President Obama, his associates and the overwhelmingly left-leaning media are really tyrants who do not care about the laws of logic or the rules of evidence. Nor do they care about the welfare and fate of the United States. All they care about is restoring the power to which they feel rightfully and unilaterally entitled. Only Rosie O’Donnell and Michael Moore have the forthrightness to come out and admit the truth: That they don’t care what the truth is. They want Donald Trump out of office, right now — not in 2020, but immediately — by any means necessary.

The left has gone crazy. It’s frightening to watch. And it’s as simple as that.

Let’s hope the insanity is merely temporary. Because the United States government will not survive the psychopathological and delusional madness perpetrated by those desperately clinging to the power and influence they so crave. Even if they somehow manage to win this battle by derailing Donald Trump’s presidency, they’ve got a bigger battle and conflict on their hands than I think most of them yet imagine.

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