CNN Has Quite Literally Gone Crazy

I’m currently traveling in Atlanta. Atlanta is a wonderful city, but there’s one thing I don’t like about it. Because it’s the headquarters for CNN, you see CNN in every single restaurant, bar or other establishment you visit. The televisions are generally muted, but the propaganda is still there for all to see. Normally, I don’t watch CNN at all, and I actually don’t watch a whole lot of any television news. But it’s really, really bad. It’s far worse than I realized. Watching CNN gives me a sense of what it must be like to live in a dictatorship where the government controls all media. Only in the case of CNN and other establishment media sources, the victims are willfully deluded.

For three hours, all I’m seeing are non-stop stories about how the Russians have quite literally taken over America through the Donald Trump administration. What about Obamacare repeal? What about elimination of EPA regulations? What about Trump’s immigration policies? Granted, CNN will have their predictably biased views against all these policies. But is Russia the only thing that matters to them? Three months ago, CNN reporters could not have cared any less about Russia. Now the end of the world is upon us, and it’s all because some “sources” claim that Donald Trump or one of his advisors talked to somebody in Russia. It’s truly madness based on nothing more than, “Hey, people are saying this about Donald Trump..did you hear?”

I can only hope that CNN will discredit itself more than ever before. Perhaps these are the last gasps of a dying network. It’s saddening and sickening to think there are millions of people who actually think this is news. Why does Donald Trump even dignify it at all by allowing his Attorney General Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from any investigations about Russia? Why should these news organizations Trump rightly labels as “fake news” (that’s putting it politely) be permitted to control the agenda of the American government? It’s quite literally insane, and it’s much worse than anything Trump officials are presently accused of.

The shocking thing about all this fake news isn’t that it’s fake. It’s a free country, and while it’s proper to enforce objective laws against slander or fraud, people are going to say all kinds of unfounded things all the time. Yellow journalism has been around from the beginning. The shocking thing about CNN and all the other fake news is that it’s fully expected people will buy into it. I don’t know that an industry has ever displayed the level of contempt for its customers that establishment media now does to its millions of readers and viewers, by actually expecting them to take this muck seriously. I challenge you to find one industry that thinks so little of its customers—and that includes pimps and their prostitutes.

The methodology in this Russia-Jeff Sessions hysteria defies all known standards of reason as applied to journalism. All of it boils down to hearsay—followed by talking about the hearsay. “Did you hear that? People are saying that Donald Trump talked to Russians. And his former National Security Advisor talked to Russians. Sources are saying it. Wow! And his Attorney General…why, he’s been talking to Russians too! Did you hear? Everyone is saying it and talking about it.”

THIS is what passes for serious journalism. And you wonder why so many of us consider the media downright evil?

I don’t know about you, but I miss the good old days when CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, The Washington Post and The New York Times all provided distorted and one-sided opinions about actual ideas, policies and events. Sure, all of it was biased against conservatism/Republicans, and a lot of what they said was untrue. But at least they were saying untrue and biased things about real policies and laws that actually existed. This insanity about Russia takes the whole notion of conspiracy theory to a level that Ayn Rand and George Orwell could never have envisioned. It’s a celebration of the arbitrary because it is arbitrary, and because anything goes when it comes time to bring down an administration that progressive and Democrat elites in government, academia and media will not tolerate.

Quite literally, our establishment media has gone crazy. What about the people? I suppose that remains to be seen.

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