It’s Not Hyperbole: Democrats (and Some Republicans) Are Indeed Communists

It’s not hyperbole to call the Democratic Party (and to some extent, the Republican Party) Communist.

Think about what Communism means. It’s a form of socialism. Socialism means public ownership of the means of production. Democrats and Republicans do not call for total, immediate ownership of the means of production like Communists do. But every single item proposed by Democrats (and usually supported by Republicans, in the end) calls for more public/government ownership of something than was previously the case.

Take Obamacare. It started with the premise that government owes everybody health care. If you think about it, Medicare (passed 50 years earlier) was based on the same premise. With Medicare, the premise was that government owes all senior citizens health care. With Obamacare, the premise was that government owes everybody health care, cradle to grave. It’s the exact same principle as Communism, whether you choose to admit you’re a Communist, or not.

The other aspect of Communism is its advocacy of totalitarian rule. Totalitarian rule means the elimination of free speech, free elections and the right to own arms for self-defense. For a time, Democrats bragged that they were “social democrats,” not Communists. But such a claim has no plausibility or credibility unless you fervently stand for First and Second Amendment rights, at a minimum. Look at the hysterical display of Democrats, including those holding high office, since the election of Donald Trump. They have all but said, “He’s not a legitimate President. Nobody with those views or positions may be President. We’re entitled to do what we want.” So what goes out the window? Free speech, free elections, honesty and integrity in journalism, the obligation to only report facts rather than arbitrarily make things up based on nothing more than, “Sources tell us…”. It’s precisely the kind of political and intellectual thuggery characteristic of the Soviet and Cuban regimes of the 20th Century.

Consider the Democratic apologies for Islam. On the surface, Communism and Islam have very little in common. But just as the old-style Soviet Communists would have found Islam a great way to destabilize the West and what remains of American free market capitalism, today’s Democrat Communists find Islam an ally in that regard, as well. What else could explain their embrace of a religion that treats women as second-class citizens and openly executes gay and lesbian individuals? These are not claimed Democratic ideas, but they serve the larger purpose. Today’s Democrats are “larger purpose” and “bigger picture” types of people, just like their intellectual ancestors, the Communists. It’s not that they’re right; it’s just that they’re clever and deceitful about their approach.

Today’s Democrats, progressives and even many of their apologist Republicans (such as Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, John McCain and the gang) represent the New Communists. They’re the twenty-first century kind of Communists, the American version. They will accuse you of hyperbole and irrationality when you suggest such a thing. But look at their actions, and look at what they actually stand for, propose, and fight for politically (and sometimes physically). It’s all for an increase in wealth redistribution and government power. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” That was Marx’s credo, and that’s precisely the theme of any of today’s “progressive” proposals. Fighting to preserve Obamacare, as even many Republicans now attempt to do, shows where their priorities really are.

If America does not want to go the way of Soviet Russia, totalitarian North Korea and starving Cuba or Venezuela, we had better come to our senses — and fast — while demanding something far better and very, very different from what we’ve been allowing our politicians to do for the last many decades. In the end, Communism lost. The same can be true of today’s Communists. But first we have to realize what we’re up against.


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