Dr. Hurd’s Website of “Truth & Rational Thought”

“Hello Dr. Hurd: I want you to know how fortunate I & my partner feel to have found your website of truth & rational thought. My partner & I are both in are early 30’s & feel that unfortunately there is just too little left of young rational freedom thinkers (as well as of all ages). We are huge believers in Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism & feel the only way to have true freedom is a life free of force. Both Recieving & inflicting. Our economy is ruined now that the hottest commodity is political pull. The PC culture is not only eliminating free speech but is wiping out critical thinking altogether by regurgitating the hottest hashtags. “I’m not racist, all I care about is race.” It’s all contradictory & without thought. Anyways, we agree with you 100% & enjoy reading your assessments on society…Thanks again & keep up the good fight for Reason & Liberty.”