“Thank you, Dr. Hurd, for fighting to save America”

“It is easy to start to believe that there is no hope; that the socialists have won and the country (and all that’s left of Western civilization) will soon self-destruct in the chaos and misery of a dictatorship. Then, I read one of your articles. Most recently, I read “Media Fawns Over Parents of Muslim Soldier: Emotion Not an Argument,” “Trump, Islam and Presidential Temperament,” and “Surprise! Khizr Khan Has Ties to Saudi Arabia and Possibly Clinton Cash.” It is refreshing and inspiring to read such objective reporting and commentary. I can only imagine the hate mail and, possibly, death threats you must be receiving for publishing these heroic articles in the current political climate. I now read every article you publish on your website, and I send them to my friends and coworkers. Thank you for doing this great work. Thank you for inspiring those of us who want to secure our liberty, lives, property and freedom to pursue our goals and dreams. Thank you for fighting to save America.”