Cops Now Have to Prove They’re Not Racist

A suburban Minnesota police officer who shot and killed a black motorist was reacting to the man’s gun, not his race, the officer’s attorney said Saturday.

Minneapolis attorney Thomas Kelly told Fox News that St. Anthony Police Officer Jeronimo Yanez that Philando Castile failed to comply with a “do not move” order, which lead to Yanez opening fire.

From now on, police — whenever they are not white — will have to prove their intentions were not racial, whenever they apprehend or do anything at all to a person who is black.

How does this help anyone?

It certainly does not help black people who live in crime-heavy, poorer neighborhoods. They need police more than anyone. If you’re prepared to prove that all or most police harm these people, then do so. If you think black people in poor neighborhoods will do better with no police, then argue it. That’s not what I hear even Black Lives Matter claim. What these groups, and the current President and U.S. Attorney General are saying, is that whenever you have a non-black officer shooting a black person, it’s a federal case.

It’s hard to describe how dangerous this attitude is, not just for cops but for all of us. Why? Because any of us potentially rely on police.

Gun control and gun ban advocates spend their time claiming nobody needs weapons of self-protection. The implication is: Leave it all to the police. But now we can trust the police less than ever, since they have good reason to hesitate before lifting a gun, or doing anything at all, against anyone who’s not white. Obama and Black Lives Matter have made it clear that it will be a federal case, if the racial configuration of victimizers, cops and victims of crime do not fit the politically correct profile.

As I’ve said in reference to walking on eggshells about Islam: Political correctness kills. Political correctness is now more than a stupid set of attitudes that almost nobody really believes but most pretend to believe. It’s now literally taking lives.

Obama wants to more or less federalize local police forces. What this translates into is making all state and local police politically correct.

When you’re walking down a street, you had better hope the person who threatens you does not happen to be black. If so, the police officer you’re totally counting on to protect you had better not care that he could lose his job, or even go to jail, if he apprehends or shoots a person of the wrong race. Hope and pray for a black police officer, because he or she probably has less of a chance of being prosecuted than a white one, and therefore might be more willing to protect you.

It’s madness.

This is real, and it’s the way things are going. When tragedies like Dallas happen, the politically correct elite who run our federal government will require everyone to do their bidding. Lives will literally end because of this, and it’s going to get worse.

It’s irrational, and logically untenable. This Minnesota police officer cannot prove his intentions were not racist. You cannot prove a negative. He can only claim that he saw a man with a gun, and he had to respond quickly. If you want to question police policies and whether he followed proper procedures with respect to the individual rights of the citizen, based on the facts of the actual case, that’s one thing. In a free society, it’s always proper to question the police and to have due process for doing so. Police are not automatically and always right, of course. But if you try to read the officer’s mind and motives for explanations you will never find — and where organizations like Black Lives Matter will absolutely and always find racism as a motive — then you have effectively shut down the ability of police to protect anyone.

Disarm the public and disarm the police. What’s going on here? Has America gone completely crazy?

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