What in the Heck is “Institutional Racism” Anyway?

I’m so confused. On the one hand, we’re supposed to believe that the Dallas shooting happened because of “institutional racism” of whites against blacks.

Yet we were also told, in 2008 and 2012, that electing Barack Obama would eliminate, or at least reduce, institutional racism.

So which is it? By the standard set forth by Obama’s supporters, we should expect less racial strife in America than ever before. Instead, we now have more than many of us have seen in our adult lifetimes. I don’t remember it ever being this bad, although I have read it was this bad in the 1960s, when I was alive, but not very old.

If you didn’t vote for Obama in 2008 or 2012, progressives called you a racist. If you didn’t support Obama’s policies on socialized medicine, tax increases, increases in non-defense spending and unlimited borrowing, and cuts in the military, you were likewise called a racist. Now, if you don’t agree with Obama when he says America’s police forces suffer from “institutional racism,” you’re told you’re a racist. But if, after 8 years of Obama as president, institutional racism is still rampant, then what does this say about Obama? Why should we even listen to him?

I read that the chief of police in Dallas is a black man. If we’re supposed to believe that the Dallas cop-killer was understandably angry at all the anti-black racism in the Dallas police force, then how do we explain that police force is run by a black man? It’s not Selma, Alabama. It’s not 1963. Didn’t this killer say he executed innocent police officers because he wanted to kill white people, not black people?

I know I’m using Aristotelian logic here. Using logic, reason and facts never works when attempting to understand progressive, leftist assertions or conclusions. But the contradictions, evasions and absurdities are becoming so spectacular, many of us hardly know what to say any longer.

I’m not even sure what “institutional racism” is supposed to mean. From what I can tell, it means that whites as a group all think alike, and blacks as a group all think alike. Unless you think like progressives say all blacks think, you’re wrong. If you’re white and wrong, you’re racist; if you’re black and wrong … well, that’s presumably not possible. (Heaven help you if you’re black and not a progressive.)

I don’t know how to articulate or reason out the progressive premises and conclusions, even on their own terms. That tells you how incredibly irrational and wrong that point-of-view is.

Yet it’s the point-of-view now almost completely running the country. How did a once reasonable and free country like the United States reach such a low point? The strife and bloodshed in the streets illustrates the problems in people’s thinking. We have permitted smug, wrong and irrational fools to rule us; and this is the outcome.


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