Violence and Tragedy Help Obama and Hillary Clinton “Divide and Conquer”

“Divide and Conquer.”

It’s really true. If your goal is to abolish liberty and individual rights in favor of your desire to control people, the best way to go about doing so is to divide people.

That’s what Obama does — and quite skillfully. Terrorist murders in Orlando? His answer: Ban guns. Execution of cops in Dallas by a black supremacist? His answer: End white racism. Obama’s arguments are identical to Hillary Clinton’s or anyone else who occupies the progressive throne.

The implication? Anything going wrong in society is due to too much liberty. The way to end racism is to spend more on social welfare programs for minorities, they claim. The way to end violence is to take the right to own guns away from people who have done nothing wrong.

I do not know whether Obama stirs up trouble and incites violence for the purpose of creating disasters he can exploit. What I do know is that whenever disaster hits, as it does with increasing frequency since his time in office, he exploits it.

In abusive families, the abuser initiates violence and terror against family members for the purpose of achieving power. When people are afraid, it’s much easier to get them to do what you want. Obama, Hillary Clinton and other reigning progressives understand this just as well as any domestic or family abuser. If they can stir up enough trouble, they can use it to their advantage to gain more power and control.

In a largely inattentive and frightened republic, I’m sorry to say that it’s working.

You have to remember that progressives and socialists like Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are all about control. Whatever motivates them personally, they are all after the same thing: the erosion or elimination of liberty. While they talk of choice for same-sex romantic partners who wish to marry and women who wish to have abortions, the crusade for choice ends, for progressives, with those two issues. Socialized medicine is all about force. Federalized education is all about monopoly and force. Participation in Medicare and Social Security are not voluntary. Contributing to PBS, agricultural subsidies, or “green energy” businesses are not optional, either. Banning guns is about coercion, not for criminals (who already may not legally own guns), but for the law-abiding and peaceful. Suggesting that critics of Islam or dissenters of climate change orthodoxy should face criminal charges, as Attorney General Lynch has advcoated, is about coercion, of the Communist or fascist kind. In America, no less!

You don’t need to prove any kind of conspiracy theory. Obama and his ideological fellows benefit whenever there’s disaster. Capitalism and freedom have made America the great place it is today. This makes it easier for people who wish to abolish capitalism and intellectual freedom to exploit and instill fear. Capitalism, economic liberty and individual freedom have been so successful at making America the greatest place to live in all of human history that people quite understandably fear losing it all.

Obama and his heir apparant, Hillary Clinton, understand exactly what they’re doing when they seek to divide and conquer us. It’s time to start facing the fact that these individuals are not merely dysfunctional or corrupt; they are actually villains.

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