It Takes a Criminal to Keep the Welfare State Going

According to an ABC News/Washington Post poll just released today, 56 percent disapprove of the FBI’s decision not to charge Hillary Clinton. Yet in every poll you read, Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump.

Think about this. A clear majority think Hillary Clinton is a criminal; yet that same majority will vote for her to become the next president.

Clinton’s major argument against Trump is that he’s unstable, irrational, and cannot be trusted with his finger on the nuclear button. But how does this justify voting for Hillary? Criminals and liars are unstable and irrational. When you habitually and chronically lie, you create all kinds of confusing and contradictory compartments in your mind. There’s “Reality A” and “Reality B”; there’s what you told one person (the truth) and then what you told another person (a lie to suit the situation). With all the confusion and contradictions trying to coexist within Hillary Clinton’s mind, it’s little wonder she used poor judgment (by her own admission) in failing to abide by federal law when she used her own private server for correspondence related to national security. Or maybe she wanted that private server to hide her lies and secrets. Either way, if it’s psychological stability you seek, Hillary Clinton is not your man.

Leftist is filled with articles attempting to analyze people who plan to vote for Trump. One psychotherapist wrote an article entitled, “A Case of the Trumps.” In the article, he takes it for granted that Trump promotes racism and fear, and that his opponent, Hillary Clinton, promotes civility and reason.

What about people who support Hillary Clinton? Why do their motives warrant no scrutiny, particularly in light of this poll? You won’t find anyone in the psychology field analyzing that question.

The PsychologyToday article on Trump takes it for granted that he’s a bully, that he didn’t accomplish anything honestly, and that everybody knows someone like this in their family. Isn’t Hillary Clinton at least as much of a bully as Donald Trump? She has earned everything through the coercive process of politics. Everything she supports is about coercion: high taxation, monopolization of health care and education by government, proposals to restrict or ban weapons for self-protection, on and on. The only liberty she really supports is the “freedom” to obtain higher welfare checks, higher food stamps, even more expensive “free” health care and — on the horizon — free college tuition and who knows what else. That’s what all Democrats do. It’s liberty for some paid for by others. That’s not liberty, and that’s certainly not equality.

Two facts remain. One, a clear majority think Hillary’s a criminal. That’s why they believe she should be prosecuted. Yet a clear majority likewise supports her decisively for president, at least right now. So how can they justify voting for her?

I can think of only one explanation. The perception that Hillary Clinton, like any Democrat, will give away more free stuff than the Republican. They want her policies of giving out free stuff. Either they want the free stuff for themselves, or they think it’s “social justice.” They overlook the fact that she’s a criminal, by their own judgment, to feel reassured that things will stay the way they are.

Does it ever occur to them that the only person available to keep this policy of supposed “social justice” is a lying, corrupt criminal, conceded by their own belief that the FBI should have prosecuted her? Doesn’t that tell you something about the whole ideology of collectivism and social “justice,” upon which our $20 trillion bankrupt welfare state rests?

Apparently, it takes a criminal to sustain the welfare state. That’s why we have Hillary Clinton next in line to keep the greatest lie in human history going: The lie that you can get something for nothing.


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