America’s Last Chance

As expected, Republicans now have more control of the government than before. Their gains in the House of Representatives, at least, are substantial. The more important news is that some Republicans actually do appear to stand for something different from Democrats, as well as the Republicans who came before them. This qualitative difference — as illustrated by Rand Paul, the new Senator from Kentucky, and Marco Rubio, the new Senator from Florida, to name two examples – is more important than the quantitative increase in Republicans. People with good ideas who are willing to adhere to principle matter more than scores of mealy-mouthed wishy-washy fools who stand for little or nothing. These new figures, if they act on principle beyond Election Day, will achieve (and deserve) disproportionate influence.

It’s glorious news that Nancy Pelosi — the political Wicked Witch of the West — will be handing over that Speaker’s gavel come January. One assumes she’ll have to give up the expensive new private jets, too. But the sad truth is that a rabid socialist is still in charge at the White House. And now he’s really, really annoyed — making him, in a way, more dangerous than before. Obama has not been challenged very much over his life. He’s used to being fawned over, praised for things that are not his own accomplishment (e.g., half his race), and being cool and enlightened in the circles where he travels — although not in the world of reality, where most people have to live.

So here’s what has to happen next — at a bare minimum — if the American Republic is to survive.

1) Obama must be fired in 2012 on the premise that he is irredeemably bad. His ideas and policies, and the attitudes which underlie them, will not change. He was a terrible mistake, elected against an admitted non-alternative, but he’s got to go.

2) Republicans in Congress MUST propose and stand for legislation that lowers taxes, reduces the cost of government and the scope of government. In a nutshell, the federal government should be providing defense and not much else. We are stuck with Medicare and Social Security, because people have been forced to pay into those programs and are entitled to the benefits. Eventual privatization of those programs should be planned, not only because government shouldn’t be in the insurance business — but because those programs are fiscally unsustainable, more than ever after Obama’s reign.

3) Republicans must not compromise on ANY legislation that raises taxes or increases the cost of government in any respect. Massive and unprecedented spending cuts must be proposed, cuts like those never seen before in history. It does not matter that Obama will veto them. They have to be proposed, so voters will know that in two more years, if we elect a Republican Congress and President, we will, for once, actually get rational and sane economic policies.

4) Republicans must propose the repeal of everything Obama has done to date –most especially, ObamaCare.  Anything less than its repeal means the end of medical care as we know it. Anything less than proposing its repeal is unacceptable for a political party that claims to actually be an alternative to the Democratic socialist establishment.

5) Americans who voted for the Tea Party and Republicans have to put their money where their mouths (and votes) are, and support the Republicans to the point of demanding that they go at least this far. It’s time for a bidding war in Washington DC to see who can cut the most from the federal government. It’s not just about balancing the budget and lowering taxes; it’s about restoring liberty, individual rights and capitalism to America.

You see, it’s up to the American people to save their country. Politicians cannot do it for us. They never could. The Republicans will only be as rational, sane and principled as the majority of the population gives them permission to be. It’s not enough to do so on Election Day. It must be done every day.

Even then, it might or might not be too late for America. But I’m here to tell you that it IS too late for America unless all of these things happen, at the very barest of minimums.

Republicans: Get it right this time, and increase your gains in 2012 and 2014.

America: This is your last chance.