Reality vs. the Liberal Democrats

Reality: Unemployment has gone up 2 percent since Obama came to office. All of his economic proposals passed Congress.

Democrats’ response: It’s all Bush’s fault. The economy is so bad that even Obama cannot save it. Bush destroyed everything. Still, Obama should be reelected and Congress should be made even more Democratic, since they’re superior.

Reality: Bush, aside from lowering taxes (temporarily), mostly grew the welfare state. Domestic spending surged under his reign. Obama has taken this same policy and expanded it massively. The more Bush spent and regulated, the worse the economy got. The more Obama spends and regulates — at significantly higher levels — the worse the economy gets. Things should go in the opposite direction of both Bush and Obama.

Democrats’ response: If anything, Obama hasn’t gone far enough. He should spend and regulate way more than he has. Give him time, and give him even more Democrats in Congress.

Reality: The national debt has increased under Obama more than it increased from the presidency of George Washington to George W. Bush. Economists agree that the current debt is unsustainable. The currency and the entire economy, at its core, are vulnerable as never before.

Democrats’ response: It’s all Bush’s fault. If people would just be quiet and stop criticizing Obama, everything would be fine. Let Obama spend more — triple more, whatever it takes; then the economy will expand. Government spending is the only way to expand the economy. As Nancy Pelosi recently said, food stamps create jobs.

Reality: Iran is building a nuclear bomb and say they intend to use it, once it’s ready. They have always kept their word and always display total consistency between thought and action. America is doing nothing to stop them, other than to say that the whole reason terrorism exists is because (according to Obama) America is arrogant.

Democrats’ response: Obama is right. There would be no war or violence on earth if it were not for America. America is hated because of Bush.

Reality: America won the Iraq War despite itself. Obama, who totally opposed that war, has taken the general who won that war — which Obama refuses to claim a victory — and sent him to Afghanistan to defeat terrorists there.

Democrats’ response: When Bush does it, it’s wrong. When Obama does it, it’s right. Now shut up.

Reality: Obama and the Democrats want to legislate “net neutrality,” which means giving government the power to regulate the flow of information on the Internet. It’s impossible to regulate the flow — i.e. the technical capacity — of the Internet without regulating the content of the Internet as well. Government should not be allowed near the Internet.

Democrats’ response: The Democrats should be given full latitude to do whatever they want — with Internet speech or any other speech, for that matter — so long as it’s in the interest of fairness and equity. Anything the Democrats and liberals want is, by definition, fair and equitable; therefore, it will always be legal. Anything anyone else wants that’s different is by definition unfair and inequitable and therefore should be illegal, if necessary.

Reality: The stock market has recovered somewhat, but businesses are still not spending, especially in the creation of jobs. The economy is stagnant and stalled. Once more of Obama’s policies take effect, especially the forthcoming tax hikes and socialized medicine, it’s likely that the economy will even start to shrink. Even if you like government expansion of the welfare state, you must have robust economic expansion in order to pay for it.

Democrats’ response: Welfare expansion will continue whether people want it or not and whether the government can afford it or not. So long as the Federal Reserve and Treasury are run by Democratic liberals, all is well. Now shut up.

None of this is satire or sarcasm. It’s not exaggeration. It’s the objective truth. Politicians of both parties are nothing more than legalized plunderers. Somebody has got to stop them before it’s too late. Will American voters step up to the plate and at least attempt to do so? A massive defeat of Obama and the liberals on November 2 would be a good start. It’s the bare minimum. It’s all up to the voters now. The politicians have betrayed us. It’s time for Americans to grow up and throw out the bums who want to keep them dependent on them. The most inept or untalented American who still makes an honest living is intellectually and morally superior to any politician.

Show them who’s boss and send them home.