He’s Still There

What will Barack do now that he’s lost much of his power in Congress? The premise of this question is wrong. The premise of this question is that he cares about whether or not he has power in Congress. He doesn’t. Even in the last Congress, with an overwhelming majority of his own party, Barack threatened to simply implement “cap and trade” through the EPA if Congress didn’t pass it. He’ll do it because he can. This is what Republicans in Congress — not to mention American citizens — must understand. Barack is no ordinary President. Any ends justify any means, so long as they’re HIS means. When Nancy Pelosi threatened to ‘deem and pass’ the health care bill, whether they had a majority or not, she was speaking for Barack as much as herself. Pelosi may be gone, but Barack is not.

When Barack promised “change,” he meant change to a different form of government. Sure, when he had massive majorities in Congress, he was happy to go through the motions and act like he should legislate things before implementing them as law. But now the pretense is dropped. Republicans have a clear majority in the House, and possibly a working majority in the Senate. Barack now stands alone. And, my sense of the situation is: He doesn’t mind a bit.

Humbled? You’ve got to be kidding. I would love to have a candidate for capitalism and individual rights who’s as unyielding and unbending as this man is for socialism. This is a man who encouraged citizens to report opposition to his plan for socialized medicine to a special White House email address. What is this — a totalitarian state? Not yet, but if we did things Barack’s way, it would be. Watch and see. He will use the regulatory agencies of the federal government to ram through whatever he wishes in the coming two years. Who’s going to stop him? Republicans? Republicans have never stood on principle before, and have never stood up to a liberal Democratic President before. If they do this time, it will be different. I’m waiting and watching to see how they respond to this President’s forthcoming abuse of executive power. America is about to meet the real Obama. Fasten your seatbelts, because it’s not going to be pretty.