Bosses and the Employees Who Hate Them

Most people, I find, deeply resent their bosses. What they don’t understand is that the boss — particularly when the boss is the owner of the company — has more responsibility than the employee. This fact should be plain enough, but it’s rarely if ever even considered by most people. The typical employee views the boss as having arbitrary power over him. Evaded in this mindset is the fact that the boss is the one left with all the bills if the company goes down. The employee will be out of a job — worst case — but the employer could be out of a house, or in debt for the rest of his or her life.

It’s disgusting beyond words to watch our elected officials encourage this view with their talk of “spreading” the wealth around, taxing only “the rich” (i.e. the people who provide the jobs, in most cases), and making society “fairer.” These elected officials are usually intelligent enough to know this is all B.S. They’re merely prostitutes for the ignorant, for those too stupid (or too evasive themselves) to consider that employers should have the same individual property rights as employees, and that employers are carrying all of the risk while the employee carries little or none. How about some compassion and empathy for the job creators who have kept civilization going all these years? Let’s start by firing just about every single politician currently in office, and replacing them ONLY with people who understand and honor this fact. The first one I’d fire? The world’s most incompetent employee: Barack.