Ideas, Not Circumstances, Create Moods

People sometimes say, “He’s having a hard time because of his situation” or, “I’m depressed because of what happened to me.” Actually, it’s not events (or people) that “make” you feel a certain way. It’s your thoughts and ideas that determine your mood. That’s why one person who faces a terrible situation remains relatively calm while another, in a less severe situation, is an emotional wreck. It’s the beliefs and ideas you have that count the most. One person responds to hardship with thoughts such as, “Why did this happen to me?” or (if religious) “Why is God putting me through this?” Another person, confronted with the same situation, will think, “I have to come up with a plan of action for managing this.” Moods and emotions are idea-driven. Don’t ever blame your mood on your circumstances. Instead, look at your ideas. Ideas can be changed, even if circumstances can’t always be.