Hitler and Obama: At Root, the Same Ideology

Adolf Hitler: “In the Jewish people the will to self-sacrifice does not go beyond the individual’s naked instinct of self-preservation…His [the Jew’s] sense of sacrifice is only apparent…Here again the Jew is led by nothing but the naked egoism of the individual…”

Barack Obama: “I don’t know when…they decided…to make a virtue out of selfishness.”

Adolf Hitler hated Jews because he hated individualism. In his view, Jews were evil because they were individualists, and individualism is the greatest evil of all. To any control freak, the concept of individualism — self-esteem, self-respect, self-responsibility — is “selfishness.”

Barack Obama is smarter than Hitler — and potentially more dangerous, for that reason. He understands that individualism isn’t a matter of race, religion or heritage. He understands that individualism resides within the consciousness — the soul, if you will — of the person. To somebody like Obama, or Adolf Hitler, it’s the “selfish individual” who must be stopped, through moral condemnation and by the force of government. The purpose of government, to such rulers, is to crush the independent and productive individual. The individual threatens them. They fear and loathe the free man, and do all they can to stop him.

Hitler was more impatient than Obama. But he had precisely the same “ideal” in mind.