Life on Earth Day

I’m not celebrating “Earth Day.” I’m celebrating “Life on Earth” Day. Earth, by itself, has no meaning to me — nor to any human being who gives it a minute of thought. The purpose of those who promote “Earth Day” is to denigrate man’s advances in favor of Earth, itself. Yet most of us would perish in five minutes if it hadn’t been for what man did and does to Earth. There would be no medicine; no food supply; no heat; no air conditioning; no computer connectivity; no cable television; no automobiles; there would be NOTHING without man’s past, present and continuing interventions on Earth. Earth is a given. It’s nature, it’s a state of wild, untamed and (to humans) unlivable conditions.

I am very happy that human beings have been able to master as much power over Earth as they have. I hope to see human beings master much more. I celebrate electricity — given to us by man. I celebrate technology — given to us by man. I celebrate the Industrial Revolutions which lifted mankind out of the stench and poverty of previous existence into the comfortable lifestyle that even the least well-off enjoy in industrialized societies today. I celebrate the science and business of agriculture. I celebrate all the ideas of reason, science, business, capitalism and individual rights which support and nourish the many benefits of life on Earth. Life on Earth is a pretty decent thing, thanks to mankind. Long live mankind, and long live happiness on Earth. May that happiness expand through the grace of the ideas and philosophy which makes it possible.