You can’t simply hit “delete,” as with a computer file or an email, on an unpleasant memory or emotional experience. However, you can open new files. You can put whatever you want into those new files and — since you didn’t like what was in the painful file — you don’t have to put the same thing in the new files as in the old ones. You could bemoan the fact that you cannot simply hit “delete” on your painful memories and experiences, but you would also have to bemoan the fact that you cannot hit “delete” on all your knowledge, wisdom and accumulation of happy experiences over the years. Your mind is too complex to get rid of pain quickly and easily, but your mind is also too sophisticated to miss out on the great intellectual and emotional experiences that only humans, as conceptual animals, can experience. What I’m saying is: You can fight your nature, or you can embrace it. Once you embrace what you are, you are now in the position of capitalizing on it and using it to your best advantage.