The Same Old Same Old

“The disconnect [between Obama and the public] harms him politically, but more important it suggests a deepening gulf between the people and their government, which only adds to growling, chafing national discontent. It also put the president in the position, only one year in, only 12 months into a brand-new glistening presidency, of seeming like the same old same old. There’s something tired in all this disconnect, something old-fashioned, something sclerotic and 1970s about it.”  (Peggy Noonan in “The Wall Street Journal” 1-16-10)

Yes, America changed the channel in 2008, voting “change” for the sake of change and got .. more of the same, only worse. Keep in mind that the 30 percent or so who always did and always will vote Democrat-socialist are not the ones who put twit-in-chief Obama into office. Nor, obviously, were the 30 percent or so who always did and may always vote Republican (whatever “Republican” is). The ones who gave Obama a big victory are the 40 percent or so who are “independent,” meaning not particularly one party or the other. Most of these people voted for Obama. Now, it appears that nearly all of that group has turned against him.

This provides an opening for those who advocate truly limited government — not Republican party politics, but something truly different — to gain some traction. Obama’s victory more or less killed the Republican party as we knew it. That’s a good thing. But there must be some opposition to fight all that Obama stands for. The only way this man can go on, politically, is by default. Opposition must be based on new and different ideas: The idea, for example, that government must be rolled back to its basic Constitutional functions — military, protection from foreign enemies, and that’s pretty much it. I know this will take a cultural change, not just a political one. But our culture is being destroyed by the policies of socialists and fascists who now completely run the government and plunder both the nation’s finances and spirit.

These people in our government are like cock roaches feeding off the productivity and wealth of what was once a great society. Most people are not prepared to go so far as to say it, but a great majority sense it, and this sense shows in the disgust expressed in poll after poll — and the wild swings from the liberals to the conservatives (i.e. liberal-lite), back and forth, back and forth. For the last 75 years or more, most policies have been liberal-Democrat-socialist policies, even though Republicans were sometimes in charge. The present disgust and collapse is the end of the road for those policies, even as our current “leaders” rush to pursue still more of them. Is it any wonder most Americans are fed up beyond belief? Those policies of government interventionism, punitive taxation, “nanny state” welfarism and even outright socialism (not to mention pacifism and appeasement of enemies), are rooted in insane ideas that only about 30 percent of the country seriously believes. Those with rational, pro-freedom, pro-individualism ideas might tap into the 70 percent who are at least open to reason — and this could spell the end of Big Government, as a result.

If America is to survive, then we’ll have to be able to look back on 2008-10 as the beginning of the end for liberalism — as we knew it. Wake up America … This is your last chance!