Are Health Care Stamps Next?

Photograph of food coupons worth $5 dollars

Betsy McCaughey, writing in the Wall Street Journal: “Telling all Americans they have to cut back on health care because Medicare is fiscally unsound is like ordering all Americans to go on diets because the food stamp program is in trouble.”

Well put. However, you can extend the analogy. The President and Congress could destroy the food industry by taking it over, and forcing all Americans to be on food stamps. Once done, they could use the resulting disaster as an excuse to ration food according to the political standards they see fit. It’s the same with health care. By taking over the industry–through offering government insurance to everybody, which will in effect destroy private health insurance and private medical care–they can now control it. Whenever you hear a politician talk about “extending coverage” you need to hear this as: controlling coverage. Whenever you hear a politician talk about “health care for all” you need to hear this as: health care controlled by the government. Nobody, it seems, will argue with government “providing health care for all.” The means for doing so will be a greater shock to Americans than to other nations who tried socialized medicine–nations that weren’t free in the first place.